• The Upgrader’s “The Week in Style -05.30.2008″

    What exactly WAS in style this week?

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    It’s nice to see Adrian Grenier/Vincent Chase clean up the dirt on his face. I personally liked the last season of Entourage. There has to be a proper response to Sex and The City.

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    [Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene]

    This is Thom Browne rocking no socks and pants that don’t break where they should. Oh yeah, I absolutely loathe that the only reason why this look is so popular is because Thom Browne said so. I really hope this fad passes quickly.

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    There’s something really right about this look

    Kidz in the Hall like to dress Grown-up

    Here are the Kidz in the Hall

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    and here they are again

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    and again

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    one mo ‘gin!

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    I guess you would call these the next up-and-coming rappers in hip hop land. The Kidz in the Hall show excellent versatility in switching up their style. I’m not sure if they’re making fun of the look when they dress all geeked up. But by just looking at them, you can tell they know what they’re doing, even if they like to pretend they smoke old man pipes. That book prop is priceless. Kudos Kidz!!!

    Oh yeah, The In Crowd is a very swell album, indeed.

    Lacoste Celebrates 75th Anniversary with New Stunna Shades

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    Christophe Pillet, Creative Consultant for LACOSTE eyewear comments: “These sunglasses are true contemporary objects composed with some vintage ingredients. To commemorate our anniversary, each pair of sunglasses comes with a specially designed sunglass case and lens cloth.”

    All items in the 75th anniversary collection feature a distinguishing logo different to the original crocodile mark: a silver grey three-ball design which features LACOSTE in the first ball, the original crocodile logo in the centre ball, and finally ‘75 Sport Elegance’, which is the theme of this special birthday celebration.

    [Taken from Easier Lifestyle]

    Find these at Lacoste.com and I guarantee you a pleasant surprise.

    Kanye Doesn’t Like his Two First Videos?

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    Why does Kanye have 3 videos for Flashing Lights?


    I shot 3 vids for flashing lights cuz I ain’t like the first 2. I loved the 3rd one that I released with Spike and hit the world with that. I actually had Sam Speigal , Spike’s brother and co-orchestrater of THE TOUR MUSIC, do a remix 2 the scary one 2 make the music fit. I planned 2 put it on a DVD later this year. No rant’s here just an explanation of why yall getting those other vids rt now that I ain’t approve and why I ain’t finna post neither on my blog. So I hope whoever leaked them got the shine they was looking 4 cause that’s all they’ll get now. And I know that’s incorrect english but that’s how I talk when I want 2. Oh and I’ve just been 2 busy 2 get at the New York Times for all that his Ego BLAH BLAH BLAH bullshit so stay tuned. For fun, I want yall 2 read this whole post in the Grandma’s Boy JP robot voice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [taken from Kanye's blog]

    It sucks for the two first video vixens who must’ve been so excited to be in a Kanye video. At least we agree with Kanye that the third one is definitely the best one.
    Oh yeah, and extra points for referencing JP from Grandma’s boy. I can’t get enough of that guy.

    Kidz in the Hall – Driving Down the Block Video

    This video is now getting MTVu play. I saw it at the gym, then I heard it on my mp3 player.


    Kidz in the Hall has a lot of fun with their clothing. I’m gonna post more on about them later, but this is something I’ve seen around the way. I’m not so sure if the video quite matches the hardness of the song.

    Chanel Opens Today in West Hollywood!!! (on Robertson)

    Yes it is

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    With Chanel’s arrival on Robertson, the street’s days as a quaint indie boutique district are officially over. (D&G and Ralph Lauren are poised to open soon.) But it’s still the row du jour for young starlets and wannabes looking to get “caught” by the paparazzi. Chanel denies that the new outpost is an attempt to appeal to a younger crowd, but the trendy location and smaller scope do suggest otherwise.

    The 5,395-square-foot, two-story boutique includes a huge landscaped courtyard bordering the main floor. Up the polished black concrete staircase is a smaller space featuring pieces from the ready-to-wear collection with sliding glass doors opening onto a terrace. As on Rodeo, the color scheme is classic Chanel black and white, and original artwork was commissioned — this time from Robert Greene, who created two oil works on vellum, collaged onto aluminum panels.

    [Taken from LA Times]

    Did you hear that?!?! Ralph Lauren is coming soon!!! Now that’s something to somersault for.

    Lacoste Accused of Vandalism?

    Germany’s “The Local” has an interesting piece about an upscale Berlin store called, KaDeWe, being vandalized with green paint. Apparently, Brad Downey, a U.S. artist, claims he was paid by Lacoste for this act of vandalism as a sort of marketing campaign.

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    Police were baffled, suggesting that the ‘colour attack’ had been politically motivated. Speculation about possible vandals ranged from pro-Tibet activists angry over the Chinese-themed window display to consumerism-hating leftist radicals.

    But 27-year-old American artist Brad Downey says he was actually paid by luxury clothing label Lacoste to stage the action as part of an art installation to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary at KaDeWe.

    “They asked me if I wanted to be a part of the project and I wrote a statement of intent that said ’something outside will turn green,’ ” Downey told The Local on Thursday. “The green colour was to match the alligator logo. They were happy with this and paid the first half up front.”

    [taken from The Local]

    But here is an even more riveting play-by-play!

    at 5am this morning myself and a group of others met the artist Brad Downey in the shopping district of West Berlin.
    Downey had accepted a commission from the clothing label Lacoste to create a window display for them for the department store KaDeWe.
    He had refused to tell his client what he had planned for the window, and they were growing increasingly nervous.
    Downey’s idea was, if you’re going to employ a vandal, you’re going to get a vandal.
    So, after the shutters went up on the store just before 6am, he took a fire extinguisher loaded with green paint (the corporate colour of Lacoste) and sprayed the front windows and sign of the store from one end to the other.
    My job was simply to wait with a bag at the other end of the store with which to conceal the fire extinguisher while Downey headed off to the escape vehicle.
    I then headed around the block, changing my shirt, and joined up with J….. who filmed the event, to advise him what the police were up to and be his look-out while he filmed them.
    Downey plans to show the video of the action alongside the fire extinguisher as his window display (that is, if his client doesn’t kill him first!)

    German news sites have reported the action, but seem to think it’s a political comment as the windows are currently showing the work of a Chinese designer!

    [Taken from chimp 243's fotolog]

    Oh, Lacoste! Why couldn’t you stick to envisioning the future of tennis? (Not saying that you did it, tho)

    Fast backward in time

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