• “Welcome to the Slumber Party” Review of SS09: Dolce and Gabbana Men

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    I’ve wanted to write this review for a while, but I could not find the words to accurately describe my feelings towards Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer ‘09 collection. On the one hand, every outfit showcased on the runway looked so damn smooth. All of the clothes were perfectly fitted (as is expected) and the material of the clothing shining from the stage looked like a silky satin.


    Ralph Lauren Summer Sale

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    Time for bright colors and hotpants.

    “I’m not your brah…,Brah!”

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    [Taken from Catbird]

    Marc Jacobs Interview with Bergdorf Goodman

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    How would you describe your
    MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall collection?
    The collection has an early 80’s punk/club vibe.
    This season we were playing more with the idea of dress-up rather than a casual/street look.

    And your favorite fabrics?
    My favorite fabrics are in bold patterns of stripes, checks, plaids, and oversized houndstooth
    patterns. Fabrics are often bonded to give more
    of a sculptured shape, which adds to their impact.


    They Can Smell You A Mile Away

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    Some fashion is just utterly predictable. Utterly predictable in the sense that it can tell other people what you’re all about. Ok, it might not tell the whole story of what you’re about. But for some people, what you wear is enough for people to make their snap judgments and decide whether or not they want to further know what you’re about or if they’ve had enough. First impressions are everything and sometimes that doesn’t include conversation. That’s why the power of fashion should never be underestimated. I’m not saying that you should be dressed up everywhere you go, although some people hold that as a rule and always look respectable. However, one should know the type of signals he/she is sending with his/her clothes. If you look like a bum, acknowledge that you look like a bum and do not be surprised if people treat you like nothing more. I know I’ve had my fair share of disheveled days. Fashion signals are not always this obvious.

    Here’s an example.  

    It’s Coming Back!…The Tank-Top

    ac slater tank top

    I’m calling it. And the Steel Closet is the first place you’re hearing it. This summer is a season of throwbacks. While the technicolor Wayfarer may be on its last leg, bright colors are still in, and the resurrection of the fanny pack is ushering an early nineties sense of style. AC Slater, we salute you.

    But is it stylish? Really? Take a visit to your local board shop, and you’ll see where Volcom, Hurley, and RVCA are slowly putting their money. ┬áIt is coming back.


    A Hot Mess by Alexander McQueen

    I guess I could make a plethora of comments.

    What do ya’ll think of this men’s haltertop swimsuit?

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    [Photo by Marcio Madeiro for GQ]

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    But which would you rather? Hahahaha!!!

    Fast backward in time

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