• Concert Etiquette

    Looking good is more than just “looking good.”  It’s carrying an attitude that not only draws attention, but commands respect.  And in many situations, that attitude is far too often overlooked.  A manners lesson/rant from your friend Emore:

    This weekend, I took in the LA Philharmonic’s production of Provokiev’s Peter and the Wolf, complete with a machine toy puppet theater and various classical arrangements. Being a free community concert, I expected people from all walks of life–for some it was their first concert, and you cannot expect perfect protocol from everyone. I can, however, expect basic manners.

    Here comes the rant: “You DO NOT complain loudly throughout ANY performance when other people are trying to enjoy themselves. If you want to sleep, you don’t have to tell the world, just sleep or get the *$%@ out.”


    Now THIS is how to sell your brand v.Worship Worthy

    The fashion observers and tastemakers over at Worship Worthy have announced the launch of a new collection for Fall 2008. The collection is a fairly small run, with a limited number of pieces ranging from leggings to tees to a simple dress, superimposing WW’s infamous religious references on top of a sinful and sexy palette.

    Yes, it’s another brand again and no, they don’t seem to have a lot of pieces – but the photography and the dichotomies of theme are what have me sold.

    More pictures after the jump.


    “You can’t say ‘bomb’ on an airplane!”

    Well, tell that to the boys at The Hundreds.

    The Hundreds x Gravis = The Blackbox Collection

    The Hundreds x Gravis = The Black Box Collection

    A longtime favorite over here at The Steel Closet, it seems as if Bobby, Ben, and the boys can do no wrong. They’ve knocked boots with the kids over at Gravis to create “The Black Box Collection”, a collection of travel bags and footwear that swathes Gravis’ goodies with Hundreds steez.

    More pictures after the jump.


    New York Times covers skating; Utter boredom ensues.

    It’s always interesting when the mainstream media covers skateboarding or something else subculture oriented. Sometimes you’ll read an article and it just sounds like they’re observing the whole thing using a telescope, from behind a glass bubble, inside of a quarantine room. Whether it’s due to unfamiliarity with the subject, an unwillingness to immerse themself in the culture before reporting on it, or the fact that they just needed 500 more words before deadline, many of these so-called “feature” stories tend to suck out the fervor and the soul that makes the whole subculture tick. Why bother?


    Sneaky, sneaky.

    The disappointing thing about graduating / upgrading to a more mature closet is that there is rarely room for more than two or three pairs of sneakers. One for the gym, maybe another pair designated for running, some Chucks or Vans that survived your college years. The sophisticated male’s footwear lineup is a sordid affair, dominated by murky leathers and hard soles, with inoffensive versatility usually taking priority over rainbow-vomit colors and styles.

    Let’s face it, unless you’re some kind of professional athlete or are lucky enough to work in a setting where Casual Day is EVERY day, you wouldn’t even get much chance to wear your sneakers even if you did have the extra money and space to indulge in a few extra pairs.

    But alas, you are not cut from the same cloth as the rest of the sartorial sheep you know. You hide a skateboard in your cubicle or roll up your pant leg to avoid shreddage from your bike’s new Shimano gearset. You love Polo blazers and Nike Blazers. You’re young and you’re still having fun – but you know the difference between youthful and childish.

    These sneakers are for you, my friend. Just a small sampling of some amazing footwear that have caught my eye over the past few weeks.


    50 Rules to Being a Gentleman

    50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen

    50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen

    King-Mag has just post up their feature entitled, “50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen.” The magazine, mostly known for their bikini-clad cover models, finally gets hip to the Gentlemen Movement. I’m glad too because it’s been a long time coming since Fonzworth Bentley got mocked for holding Puffy’s umbrella. Bentley, Andre Benjamin, and everyone else who held self-improvement to a high regard, are all responsible for ushering in this wave of chivalry. Is it a shame that King-Mag, a magazine that saw it fit to feature Karrine Steffans a.k.a. Superhead in its past pages, has decided to give gentlemen some shine only AFTER Neyo decided it was the Year of the Gentlemen? No, not entirely. It always helps to review the rules of gentlemenship, even if it’s from a semi-misogynistic publication. Don’t judge a magazine by its cover. This cover just happens to highly resemble Playboy.

    Anyways, here are my favorite 10 of the 50 rules to being a gentlemen…

    49. “If you buy one pair of shoes and one suit per year, you’ll have a nice collection soon enough. It’s an investment. Also, know your measurements and sizes, because you might find a woman who wants to hook you up and get a suit made.”—Chris Mathis, 36, barber

    42. “The world is bigger than your hood and the places your favorite rappers represent. Try to travel to a place where your cell phone won’t work. That’s when you know you’ve actually gone somewhere. If you can’t afford to put your passport on pivot, try reading a book or travel guide about the place you’d like to visit.”—A. Samuel

    From the Crew to You

    As you can see, the Steel Closet has got a brand new wardrobe on. The transition has been as smooth as we can make it, which means it was still pretty bumpy. But we made it here and we’re glad that it has finally come. Thank you to our loyal readers for making this journey with us.

    Throughout this whole week, we will be making some adjustments to the site so that it becomes a well oiled fashion machine. Please bear with us.

    Props to Trici for summoning her webmaster skills, with only Xanga experience to her name.

    So what do ya’ll think?

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