• The Sartorialist likes Canvas Bags


    Actually, I’m not sure if he likes canvas bags or not. But in the recent stream of pictures that he took for Men.style.com during fashion week, most of the men are holding a canvas bag or an accessory that holds their belongings. It does, to an extent, contribute to the look of the outfit. Maybe it’s a New York thing, but I’m stuck here wondering if it’s a good idea. I’m contemplating purchasing what has been popularly referred to as the “man purse” or a “murse?” If I do get one, then that’s a commitment and such a course of action is unforgivable. It was even a stretch when I made a conscious decision to buy a messenger bag. I had to tell myself that I’m about to enter the real world workforce and I’m going to need something to hold my laptop. Some of you may be thinking, “Just get over yourself already.” I really want to but it’s really that Los Angeles uniform mind set in me. In today’s age of having on you your wallet, cellphone, keys, headphones, USB cord just in case, reading material, laptop, etc., it makes sense for a man to have a canvas bag, right? You can’t fit all that mess in your pocket, right? RIGHT?!?! Would Donald Draper have a canvas bag? Am I riding on Kanye’s nutsack by having one? If Snoop Dogg can do it, so can I??

    This debate is probably a little bit late on the fashion tip. That just means the verdict is not out yet whether it’s appropros for men. The verdict will be out when I’m good and ready to invest in a man bag.






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    [...] The struggle for the manbag is over. At the root of the struggle was a fundamental question about the nature of bags and what it means to be a man. How does one man acquire a bag and still lay claim to his masculinity? Does he drop down $200+ for an accessory that has been labeled women’s territory for the greater portion of his life? NO! Spending that much money for a bag means that you don’t know what true value is and you’re probably fiscally irresponsible as a man, no matter how much you make. As a woman, it means you’re stylish. But still, for me, it got to a point where I didn’t want a manbag but needed one. That point was when I had to hold my camera the whole day (annoying). All my pockets were filled. Keys, phone, wallet, ipod, headphones, pocket square. There was absolutely no room. [...]

    » I Finally Have a Manbag added these pithy words on Oct 13 08 at 9:48 am
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