• Concert Etiquette

    Looking good is more than just “looking good.”  It’s carrying an attitude that not only draws attention, but commands respect.  And in many situations, that attitude is far too often overlooked.  A manners lesson/rant from your friend Emore:

    This weekend, I took in the LA Philharmonic’s production of Provokiev’s Peter and the Wolf, complete with a machine toy puppet theater and various classical arrangements. Being a free community concert, I expected people from all walks of life–for some it was their first concert, and you cannot expect perfect protocol from everyone. I can, however, expect basic manners.

    Here comes the rant: “You DO NOT complain loudly throughout ANY performance when other people are trying to enjoy themselves. If you want to sleep, you don’t have to tell the world, just sleep or get the *$%@ out.”

    Your mom taught you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. And even if you’re warranted in criticism, everyone is just going to think you’re a pretentious know-it-all anyways. And even if you think you can do a public service by telling that pretentious know-it-all off, you’re just being an even bigger pretentious know-it-all. So what do you do? Let’s start with basic concert protocol:

    1. If you like what you hear, show your appreciation, at appropriate times. Musicians work hard to do what they do and are paid diddle, especially for free concerts. Don’t distract them with your bad attitudes.
    2. Dress for the occasion. When your performers are rocking full formal, you owe them at least some respect (at the most extreme bare minimum, pants). Seeing the symphony should be an experience you dress up for–have fun with it.
    3. Time your breaks. It is such an inconvenience to others when you have to climb over them so you can drain your bladder. I’ll admit, alcohol certainly does make music more interesting, just don’t break the seal.

    Now does this only apply to classical music? NO. As a both a seasoned mosh pit warrior and rudie, the same basic rules apply. Give respect, get respect, and everything’s cool.

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    That’s a strong point for the music industry but I’m not seeing this around me nowadays. The only thing that apparently matters is the image that sells, I know…but how about some strong attitude and a pretty unique voice?

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