• David Simon on the Colbert Report

    While David Simon hardly gets a word in, he seems to be enjoying himself.

    It amazes me how Colbert can say things like, “Did they get any flavor out of that gristle?” and not break out into laughter.

    Happy Halloween Ghosts, Ghouls, and Michael Jackson!

    Be safe ya’ll. Stay away from razors, unwrapped candy, and anyone in either a Sarah Palin costume or a Joker costume.

    No prints? Damn.

    The speculation’s over. The mysterious posters seen at THSF were revealed to be a drop for the ongoing 5th Artist series. Available now at Post and Rosewood. I’ll send a scout (my brother LULZ) to see if they have the prints that were on the windows too – I’m a huge fan of frameable art.

    More pics after the jump.


    “Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town?”

    It looks like Samuel L. Jackson is about to make a classic out of a classic. He has recently been cast as Shonuff, the Harlem shogun, in the remake of Berry Gordy’s urban kung fu “masterpiece,” The Last Dragon. We’ve written before about how Shonuff inspired our generation’s most fleeting trend. Maybe Sammy will start some trends of his own in this movie. Even if he doesn’t, we know that he’s going to make it awesome. Samuel L. Jackson can do no wrong.

    I’m still beating myself up for not watching Lakeview Terrace.

    Not really, but I’m beating myself up right now for not bootlegging it.

    I want my Emmmm-Teeeee-Veeeeee…

    :cue Dire Straits riff:

    Ask anyone, literally any homosapien on the Big Blue Rock we call Earth, even the starving Sudanese in Darfur, why they stopped watching MTV, and they’ll say, “Because they stopped playing music videos.” I don’t even remember the last time I saw a complete music video on regular ol’ MTV (channel 17923042 MTV HoT JammZZZZ doesn’t count). From the TRL wasteland that Carson Daly built to the infinite stretches of “reality” shows chronicling the insanely difficult lives of the rich and beautiful, MTV has been nothing more than a hollow shell, a ghost of its former self over the past two decades.

    MTVMusic.com is set to change that. They’ve pilfered archives of days long gone, wasted probably millions of hours of interns’ time and bandwidth limits to upload almost EVERY MUSIC VIDEO EVER. It’s visually uncluttered, it’s simple to use, and the coup de grace…NO COMMERCIALS (yet)! I’m especially impressed by the relatively high-def audio used. This site bukkakes all over YouTube’s jailbait face – it should be illegal. But it’s not, and you cubicle warriors now have another site to steal company time with.

    Now excuse me while I smash my ear canals with Reign in Blood.

    Mad Men x The Simpsons

    I know we just gave you the Mad Men Mania edition, but this was too good to pass up. Plus, what would this blog be if it didn’t have about 5 posts about Mad Men a week?

    [Source: Prostituted Thoughts]

    Partyin’ at Harput’s Market

    Last Tuesday, Harput’s Market (wattup Gus and Bootsy) threw a little shindig before the “Arts of Fashion” fashion show and we were there to celebrate with them.

    In honor of the election  

    Fast backward in time

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