• Case of the Mondays @ Otis Lounge. Guest Starring Talib + Mos Def.

    Monday nights usually consist of re-heated meals, re-runs of SportsCenter, and the re-peated, burning desire for a DeLorean to warp backward/forward to the weekend. So when we got the heads up from our boys at The Brooklyn Circus that they were hosting an affair at Otis Lounge, our fun-o-meters spiked. When we learned that Talib Kweli would be on hand for the night, said fun-o-meters exploded.

    More words and pictures after the jump.

    The whole event was kept on the low-low, and as a hardened concert/show veteran, I’ve long since learned that if YOU know about it, it’s likely that about 300 hundred other people (minimum) heard before you. And for Talib Kweli, you best believe that no bouncer or guest list was going to keep us out (we were on the guestlist, but I love the underdog card). So we showed up appropriately early.

    A little too early, perhaps.

    But after a warm greeting from Otis Lounge owner Amanda and BKC’s Earl, Otis eventually started to gather the herd for the night’s festivities. Talib Kweli helmed the wheels of steel upstairs while the crowd below…well, it was Monday. What did you expect, a music video? No, just schmoozing and coolgazing.

    Casanova and Summer. They hate the paparazzi.

    “Hi, I’m Talib Kweli, and I’m a Mac.”

    Raise the roof.

    I’m pretty much an expert at this photography thing. See how I managed to get absolutely nothing to be the shot’s focus? Abstract movement, muhfugga.

    Blackanese Star.

    Jeezus lady, it’s a camera, not a Glock. Smile.

    Gabe the Great.

    The competition.

    Amanda and homeslice. She doesn’t have it on, but Amanda’s hat transformed her into an urban superhero.

    Let’s try that again, Sean.


    Rubix and Talib are actually homies from way back. Like he wasn’t illy enough to begin with.

    “My name is Earl. I’m like, the friendliest guy ever.”

    This shot was taken MOMENTS after Mos Def left the 1s+2s. His security detail didn’t seem to enjoy my repeated attempts at flash photography. Sorry Mos…I know you’ll never read this, but it’s rare that a couple kids get to be mere feet away from artists that inspired them while growing up. We’re just fans, bro.

    “Hip hop superstars…in there? Nahhhh.”

    Bigger ass pics available at my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexanderworthingtoniii/

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    [...] And we couldn’t help but show some love to Brooklyn Circus for letting us see Talib Kweli and Mos Def for free. [...]

    » Brooklyn Circus Stylin’ on Digg Founder added these pithy words on Oct 08 08 at 11:34 am

    [...] host Le Cirque on Thursday nights. The dudes at BkC always come correct with their events (remember Black Star at Otis?) and on that night they treated the crowd to a special guest DJ set with bodacious Mick Boogie. In [...]

    The Steel Closet | A Blog for Fashion, Film, Food and Friends| Have You Got Any Soul? added these pithy words on Apr 06 09 at 4:04 pm
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