• THE QUEUE | Mad Men Mania edition

    Valet gives a few tips on how to dress like Don Draper. It’s almost as good as a Guide to Picking Up Women. | [Valet]

    I found a clip of Jon Hamm’s John Ham. I noticed that you don’t need sound at all to figure out what the skit is all about. [ABOVE] | [Hulu]

    There’s more to Peggy Olson than meets the eye. | [NYMag]

    The Moment offers hair products to achieve the perfect Don Draper coif. | [The Moment]

    While this is Mad Men unrelated, Murray’s pomade is probably the best product Don Draper could use. The orange tin can is time-tested and celebrity-endorsed. | [Murray’s Website]

    Awesome party shirts.

    As The Big Day approaches, let’s not forget the most important thing while considering who/what to vote for: the fact that you should look good. Always.

    Also, while the laws vary from state to state, it looks like a lot of polling areas will NOT allow political clothing or paraphernalia while you are making important decisions by punching holes into a piece of paper. To avoid negating your contribution to society, just wear something neutral or cover up at the voting site. Your civic duties are more important than your looks, bottom line. So you can believe in and vote for whatever you want, you just can’t express it visually on the day that you’re going to officially turn in your “I support _______” ballot. America, fuck yeah!

    I guess that means that you can’t wear The Cobra Snake’s awesome new election tees either. It’ll offend Green Party Candidates, Ralph Nader, animals that aren’t mules or pachyderms, and fat people, seeing as how the biggest size they offer is a MEN’S MEDIUM. At least it’s not a sackriding, bandwagoning endorsement of a certain other candidate in this election.

    Friends in high places.

    Looks like delicious treats are a-brewin’ at THSF. Yes, it will be interesting to see the inevitable LE clothing that comes with whatever is happening here – but this series of teaser prints look phenomenal, and I hope that there’s going to be meaningful, collaborative art and not just a bunch of dudes in flannel shirts waiting in line. I mean…Usugrow? Tofer? Robbie Canal? Holy shit, my shorts just got real warm.

    Get at ynoT’s blog for more peeps.

    Wildcard, bitches!

    The best part about having famous friends is that you get to ride their coattails to The Big Show. All the perks, none of the work. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m stoked to see my friends’ short film, iPossibilities, make it to Campus MovieFest’s Western Grand Finale as a wildcard entry. I was originally considered for the role of “The Boy”, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. I was able to make a cameo appearance, however. See if you can spot me.

    Okay – I’m actually a talentless hack and couldn’t act my way out of a CBS sitcom, and was never really considered for the part. Alex did a much better job than I could have. But wish us luck as we become media darlings the world over and are lavished with free gifts, expensive vacations, and caviar & champagne served off the back dimples of Brazilian supermodels.

    Fresh Clothes from Harput’s Market

    We stopped by Harput’s Market the other day, where they make a lot of their own clothes. The store has a vintage feel with wooden floors and old pipes as racks. When they told me they just made these jackets, I immediately threw them on.  

    Adventures at Burlington Coat Factory

    These shoes are perfect for a hot summer day. If it gets too hot, you can roll down the top part of the boot and pair it with some baggy jeans shorts.” – An extremely sarcastic Alexander

    Burlington Coat Factory is a clothing graveyard of sorts, an amalgamation of trends that never caught on. If we ever end up starting a clothing line, one of our initial steps would be to go to BCF and find out how things can go terribly wrong so we can avoid it. Ed Hardy will be on the BCF racks soon enough.

    You guys HAVE to check out this V-neck we found at the store.


    Marc by Marc Jacobs Paris Opening

    From the looks of things, the store is sex. The high-banged one, Suzy Menkes, interviews Marc Jacobs’ business partner, Robert Duffy. Her expression exudes “curiosity.”

    [Seen at IHT via The Moment]

    Fast backward in time

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