• The Black Friday Survival Guide, Phase IV: White Saturday

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your dinner was as stupefyingly delicious as ours was.

    Chances are, if you care at all about any little ol’ fashion website, it’s a sure bet that you’ve got plenty to be thankful for. So be thankful for it!

    As for Phase IV…well, it doesn’t exist. After the frenzied runs to the grocery stores, juggling recipes and cook times in a cramped kitchen, dangerously low levels of sleep and the impending shopacalypse in store for you tomorrow, it’s easy to forget how to enjoy your holiday. That’s why we think you should also celebrate White Saturday, and treat yourself to a little time to take it easy before the deep plunge into the holiday season madness.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year, and I never miss the opportunity to coddle a beverage in the autumn sunlight and take deep breaths of winter-tinged air. If you don’t have a Welcome Winter Ritual yet, I don’t mind if you borrow mine.

    So, from all of us here at The Steel Closet, we wish you a happy holiday.


    The Steel Crew

    The Black Friday Survival Guide, Phase III: Surviving Black Friday

    You are at about t-minus twenty four hours before your greatest meal of the year. I hope you’ve planned and prepared by reading through Phases I and II. Now you have to realize that the clock is winding down quickly, and heading out into the wild with fully-formed strategy but no practical survival skills, you will find that all your planning will go to naught.

    So, without further ado, The Steel Closet Presents the third (and probably most critical) portion of The Black Friday Survival Guide. Welcome to Phase III: Surviving Black Friday.

    Become the protege to Bear Grylls and Les Stroud after the jump.


    Finally Home

    And it feels great.  It actually took 8 hours instead of 6 because I wasn’t hardcore enough to stay awake.  At least I didn’t get into any accidents (Thank God) as Southern California is experiencing its first big rain of the winter season.

    Hope all of you are getting to your homes and families safely.

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    Come check it out!

    The Black Friday Survival Guide, Phase II: Preparing for Black Friday

    Congratulations soldier, you’ve got your Plan from Phase I and now you’re ready to enter Phase II – Preparation. Unlike Phase I, which consisted mainly of strategy, Phase II is more concerned with your figuring out your tactics on the ground. With the proper preparation, your survival is almost guaranteed.

    Phase II – Preparation

    Learn how to prepare after the jump.


    Top 5 Dishes I’m Looking Forward To for Thanksgiving

    Behold the infamous TURBACONDUCKEN!

    I suppose this post is appropriate as we approach Fatty Week. Before we get into it, I want to make clear that I’m not a fan of turkey. I think it’s the driest meat that America has ever put on a pedestal. Another famous white meat that America places on a pedestal is McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. But we all know that once they pulled the dark meat from the McNugget selection, McDonald’s had nothing to brag about and we all discovered In ‘N Out Burgers shortly after. I also don’t show any favor towards ham or meatloaf. However, honey-glazed ham I can tolerate.

    Let’s get to it!

    1. Stuffing

    This one’s a given. There’s usually one day out of the year, two if you have leftovers, when we eat this stuff. We don’t know what it is or what’s in it. We suspect there’s bits of okra or celery, but for the most part, we like it and that’s all we care about. It is best described as an orgy of mysterious flavors but the taste is usually the same across the board. For example, Stovetop has turkey flavor and chicken flavor stuffing, which is basically the same thing marketed toward different demographics.*

    *no actual proof of this

    2. Pumpkin Pie  

    Ghirardelli Square

    For all you chocolate lovers, we made a little trip to Ghirardelli Square.  They have their Christmas display on in the shop.  Enjoy.


    Fast backward in time

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