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    So we had this idea for the blog to give you guys a Christmas mixtape. We were coming up with ideas for album covers, what songs to put on, the pacing, etc. Instead of actually following through with it, we got kinda lazy and it didn’t come into fruition. I guess there’s always next year. But we figured that there’s still some Christmas cheer to go around and we decided to do the next thing, which is to play for you some of our favorite X-rated Xmas songs (they’re not really X-rated.) The radio stations are playing SOME Christmas music, but it’s not really the music we want to hear when we want to hear it.

    We offer you A Christmas Mixlist, a series of Christmas songs that we’re currently feelin’. The 6 days of Christmas are for the remaining 6 days left until Jesus’ B-day and each day will have some loosely cohesive theme (or maybe no theme at all). Today’s theme is Hip Hop Christmas.
    Some of my favorite Christmas are rap songs that I heard as a kid and they put me in the holiday spirit more than some Christmas “classics” could ever. These are my classics.

    “Livin’ fast and ballin’ in Christmas time.”

    This is an exception to songs that I heard during my childhood.  I heard this song two years ago and Christmas has not been the same ever since.

    Dipset X-Mas Time – Jim Jones

    The “Santa Baby All-Star Remix” still amazes me. The remix includes Rev Run, PUFF DADDY, Mase, Snoop Dogg, Salt-n-Pepa, Keith Murray, and more. There hasn’t been a collection of rap stars this good since. Even the “What’s Goin’ On” remake doesn’t compare.

    Santa Baby – Rev Run & Xmas All Stars


    Currently Feeling | The Brooklyn Circus Reversible Jacket

    The Reversible Jackets offered in The Brooklyn Circus‘ Winter Collection is a good look for the chill season. I’m not usually a fan of reversible clothes but these are exceptionally executed. The jackets come in maroon and khaki colors and are reversible to silver and midnight blue, respectively. The maroon/khaki jackets are accented with various Brooklyn Circus regalia, but does not go overboard with them…like you would expect of an Affliction T-shirt that has been vomited on with skulls, wings, and overall nonsense. The reversed sides display a pop of shine and a single leather “2006″ patch, creating a refreshing balance to both sides of the jacket.

    Ah yes, 2006 was a good year for us too.

    Click on the jump for more detail pictures.


    A Youthful, More Streamlined Obama

    I’m posting this because it’s the buzz right now and the people want it. I think the fuzz around the ears is what does it for me.

    More photos at Time Magazine.

    The Clift Hotel

    The newly redesigned Clift Hotel in Union Square is usually one of the first considerations for society events.  It takes inspiration from different modes of glamour and elegance.  Above is the hotel’s bar on the first floor where young and old professionals mingle in a beautifully decorated setting.  The picture below is of the waiting room/ lobby, which uses many dark shades of brown, an animal print rug protecting the floor, and dark lighting to set the mood for an unparalleled waiting experience.


    Puma + 60 Years Old = Cougar?

    It’s about time that Puma try to pick up on men half her age. If you guys remember, I attended the Puma’s “I am 60″ Birthday Party, not to be confused with Puma’s “I fart unwillingly” Birthday Party or Puma’s “I now eat Centrum” Birthday Party. I got to chill backstage with Vimby and they finally put up their video of the event. Please check out the video and watch Puma’s undoubtedly strongest hipster turnout.

    VIMBY – Puma I Am 60 SF


    Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis by Between Two Ferns

    The Attack of the Short Brim Hats

    Pic via Hypebeast.

    Cas let me in on a little secret a few days ago: whenever he writes about a peculiar proliferance of a certain look, style, or accessory he’ll label his post “Attack of the _(insert_thingy_here)_”. See what I’m talking about?

    Well I think we’re going to be Attacked, sooner than you think, by the short brimmed or “umpire” styled hats. You can go to Hypebeast and check out the new FTC x New Era hat…

    Or you can say hi to our friends at the Brooklyn Circus, who do it much better. Example: our dude Gabe the Great, rocking one of the new BKC headtopper / cranium warmers collection (my words, not theirs) -

    Gabe’s version has the rich dachsund-brown leather up front and burly buffalo-check wool at the rear. Check out the attention to detail on one of the other offerings:  

    Fast backward in time

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