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    Last night, I attended the opening night of the Disposable Film Festival at The Roxie Theater, which turned out a pretty eager crowd.  All I have to say is that it’s amazing what people can do with only camera phones, point and shoot cameras, and webcams.  While the festival is still in its fledgling stages, I had the serious sense that this festival could be huge if given a couple of years.  The beauty is in the (for lack of a better word) low-quality shots.  Everyone knows what they’re in for when watching a disposable camera film so no one was expecting Spielberg-esque views.  But I admit that the camcorder style of the shots had me a little bit dizzy.  Some of the most noteworthy films included seeing through the eyes of a camera taped to a moving car tire, a 10-second video of someone walking on top of an oncoming vehicle (straight to the point and satisfying), the introduction of fortune cookies to China, a filmer traveling on floating pieces of ice, and two nimwitted buddies who hear something in the wall.  There are 2 days left in the festival including a feature-lenth film.  I suggest the San Francisco folks come check it out.

    Special thanks to DFF for throwing the festival and providing dinner at the afterparty courtesy of Baby Blues BBQ.


    Death Cab SUCKS.

    Ben and Zooey at an Obama fundraiser in August. Maybe my dude Barack will help get this engagement vetoed.

    This is actually pretty old news, but I had to share my period of mourning with you, my fellow Closeteers.

    The lovely and talented Zooey Deschanel is engaged to singer/songwriter/Mopey McMoperson Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service fame.

    It’s no secret that I pretty much love Zooey. And that I had about as much chance to get with her as Lloyd did with Mary Swanson. But C’MON. BEN GIBBARD? Can you get ANY more cliche than that? Rising indie rock starlet engaged to another indie star, one who really helped usher in the whole “indie is cool” movement? UGH.

    Mourn with me, Steel Crew. I’ve lost her.

    At least there are silver linings: (1) If a shaggy hipster like Ben Gibbard can get a Zooey, then technically, so can I (all I need is guitar skills and platinum records, no sweat) and (2) there’s always Katy Perry.

    Friends in the same places.

    Whenever I watch HBO’s Entourage, I never understand Turtle’s “jorts and a New Era” look. If I un-suspend my suspension of disbelief temporarily, and really believe that Turtle is a prime cohort in an A-Lister’s entourage, then why can’t they get him to dress better? Isn’t image everything in Hollywood? Would anyone really dress like a 28-year-old 13-year-old on purpose, in real life?

    Then I ran across this picture of Kanye and his crew/entourage/semi-famous friends. (I think that’s Kid Cudi in there somewhere, I don’t know)

    Now, individually, I really have no problem with ANY of these guys or the outfits. Man purses, bubble vests, and even the obnoxious leopard print – I friggin’ LOVE it. The problem is, if you saw these guys roll up to a spot together, what would you think? Aside from the fact that they look like Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five got hit with a couture comet, I can’t help but feel that, all at once, these looks are just too much.

    Which brings me to a bit of a dilemma. If I had an entourage filled with well-dressed people, would I be okay with our collective style making us look like a live action cartoon? Or would I have to be the style fascist and ask them all to tone it down a bit? Maybe I’d have to keep a schedule, where I get to wear denim and leopard one day, and Cas gets to wear his shiny disco fever shirt another day (Closeteers, I PROMISE you will see Cas in that shirt one day)?

    What do you think? Let me hear it, Steelies.

    Make A Difference

    It has been a little bit more than a week since President Obama was inaugurated. If you’ve been following the news like I have, the media has been tracking his every move. And I’m glad to see that Obama has hit the ground running showing as much energy as he did when he was campaigning. And while it’s only been a week or so, President Obama looks very comfortable in his new office. Even though the country is nowhere near perfect right now, I still feel the need to keep up that celebratory vibe that has been pushing us since Obama has been elected. These T-shirts from the “Campaign” collection of Humanity seem to be appropriate.

    The Campaign collection is set for multiple seasonal launches and is certain to maintain our attention levels while all eyes are on Mr. President.  The shirts also come in women’s sizes.  I have taken the liberty to cite Humanity’s “Campaign” press release ir order to provide the inspiration for the design.

    Humanity™, a trendy apparel and accessories brand, recently announced the launch of their “Campaign” t-shirt collection, which will donate a portion of profits to selected charities dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens of the world.


    Jethro Cave for Hedi Slimane

    Sometimes the hair makes more of a statement than anything else.  As Jack Donaghy would say, “After all, your hair is your head suit.”  I remember making a lot of statements with my hair.  For example, I used to tell others indirectly that I’m a scary youth not to be messed with by looking like one of the Hmong gangsters in Gran Torino.  I used to curl my hair to emulate DeeJay, the hardworking pimp trying to find a way out of his lifestyle through a rap career, in Hustle & Flow.  While those times are sorely missed, I have relegated my coif to something more conservative, easier to maintain, and more affordable.  But I do appreciate how the right hair styling can tell the different sides of a person.

    Hedi Slimane shows us the extent of the hairdo’s influence on the photograph in his spread with Jethro Cave for Dazed Digital.  You can check the whole spread here.

    What do you guys think of the do?

    Click for more photos!


    The Disposable Film Festival

    Disposable Film Fest ‘09 Promo from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

    If there’s any word to describe the internet phenomenon, “access” would be pretty high up there.  The internet allows access for one person to reach millions.  It allows the consumer to find the seller, the performer to find the audience, a human being to find another human being, with greater ease than it had been in the past.  Access has been the greatest triumph of the interweb.

    And it is that technological accomplishment that has created The Disposable Film Festival.  Of course, while the internet plays a huge role, the advent of the cheap, disposable camera, is what takes the stage.  We’re talking about cell phones, webcams, flip video cameras, anything that won’t cause a heart attack if you accidentally break it.  When the DFF people approached me about the idea, I was completely sold on it.  What better way to celebrate regular folks who aspire to make movies without the Arab Money budget?  You dedicate a whole festival to it and put out an open call to submissions.

    I had the chance to interview the creators behind the Disposable Film Festival,  

    Justin Long for Playboy

    For those of you who read Playboy for the articles (I’m sure it’s around 80-85% region), our favorite Mac representative and film star, Justin Long, will be gracing the covers of Playboy’s February issue, available now in newsstands and at playboydigital.com.

    In this issue, he interviews with Playboy about past performances and future projects and shows off some designer digs, which I’m sure we can take a few notes from.

    I think I have accepted Justin Long as one of the faces of our generation.  There’s no denying that the man is consistent.  He gave us Accepted, which I don’t mind having on in the background.  He gave us Live Free or Die Hard.  But most importantly, he gave us this groundbreaking performance in Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

    …which is all the more reason to cop that Playboy!

    Fast backward in time

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