• The Dark Knight Gets Snubbed by Oscar

    There were some pretty good films in 2008.  Although, for a moment, I could not think of any except for one: The Dark Knight.  Yeah, Slumdog Millionaire was good in its own way, even though the experiences of an Indian street rat who overcomes his circumstances are far removed from our own.  Benjamin Button showed us how cool life would be if we were to age backwards.  And Gran Torino provided us with enough racial slurs to last us through the end of the decade and we also got to hear Clint Eastwood’s “beautiful” singing voice in the end.  But all these movies gave me pretty much the same reaction as the credits rolled while I picked up my popcorn and headed towards the light.  It was a variation of “That was pretty good.” or “That was cool.” or even “That was a great movie.”  Most of the time, I would end the compliment with, “It was no Dark Knight.”


    The Inauguration = The World’s Largest Scarf Party

    It looks like everyone who attended Obama’s inauguration got the memo that scarfs were required to get in.  It also looks like the majority decided to go with color.  Bush opted for the standard black scarf.  But the winner of the night, which I can’t find a picture of, is George H. Bush Sr.  He was wearing a yellow turtleneck with a purple scarf, making him the most prominent Los Angeles Lakers fan in attendance.

    Click for all the scarf madness  

    We’ll be back before you can say, “Barack Obama!”

    Pardon our absence.

    We will once again be in the snowy mountains of Lake Tahoe to shred the slopes.  The snow cannot get enough of us.

    When we get back, we’ll have a new president and something to talk about.

    Stay classy.

    The 5 Reasons Why I’m STILL Wearing a V-neck T-shirt

    There was nothing more disheartening when Radar released the article stating that V-necks were the next big trend last July.  When they did that, that was pretty much a rap for V-necks.  The release of that article meant the height of the V-neck popularity and its inevitable downward demise was soon to follow.  I felt particularly stupid because I was just beginning to get into V-necks only shortly before that event.  It was like the fashion police yelled, “Gotcha, sucka!” or more like “Gotcha, hipster!”  I was caught red-handed before I could do any real damage.  American Apparel had laid out its grand V-neck plan, determined their target market, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  I decided, “Fook it.”  I went to Target and I bought these 6-pack Hanes V-necks.  I was determined to wear them if they were in or not.  And yes I didn’t care if that dude with all the piercings, tattoos, and who generally looked liked a Travis Barker wannabe was rocking one that plunged down to his nether regions.

    I also have a feeling that crew necks are going to make a persuasive comeback after seeing Brad Pitt in one with a V-neck sweater on top in the movie, Benjamin Button.  I have some crewneck T-shirts that I have yet to open, because I’m still attached to the V-neck T-shirt.  Here’s why:  


    The Recently Deflowered Girl

    I just stumbled upon this 1965 vintage book, entitled “The Recently Deflowered Girl” by Miss Hyacinthe Phypps.  It is a book to help you break the ice during the awkwardness that immediately follows doing the do.  Phypps was an ettiquette coach of sorts and proved that every situation has an appropriate response.  She covers all bases on what to say after being deflowered on a blind date to what to say after being deflowered at the doctor’s office, which is pretty much the premise of the book.  The writings are hilarious and could be be considered a little risque for 1965.

    GRN Apple Tree Spring Hypocrisy Collection: January 2009

    The Los Angeles-based clothier, GRN Apple Tree, has just released their January Delivery of the Spring 2009 Hypocrisy Collection.  Compelling pieces include: the Blind Button Up, a short sleeved button up hoodie; The Control Jean made of dark Japanese indigo with aqua polka dot lining in the waist and pockets; and The Desolate Button up, a long sleeve dress shirt that is made up of a 100% charcoal cotton blend.  The jeans have a vintage, yet modern fit to them and the short sleeve shirts are a throwback to 1950s fashion.  The result is an old school look with subtle new school influences.  Short sleeve shirts were very big last year and it looks like they’re here to make a comeback.  If you’re in California, you’re already noticing winter retreating and making way for the spring.  That gave us about one good month of rain.  Is everyone ready for sunshine?


    Fast backward in time

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