• Spiked Heel: Supermodels Battle the Forces of Evil

    In honor of Friday and Fashion Week, how about we offer something a little bit more light-hearted?  Like watching Spiked Heel: Supermodels Battle the Forces of Evil on Modelinia.  Question: Wouldn’t the fatal foe of a supermodel be…”UGLY?”  I guess we won’t see any supermodels fight to the death the reincarnation of UGLY or just a really ugly person.  But I assume we will see Heidi Klum and Coco Rocha save Fashion Week from disaster.  This four-part web series officially premiered on Monday with a new episode premiering each day after that.  Well, it’s now Friday and all four episodes are out and you deserve a break.

    Taken from the inbox…

    Klum aka ‘The Kluminator,’ and her stylish sidekick Coco “The Girl Wonder” Rocha battle the evil Dr. Faux Pas who is plotting to destroy Fashion Week. The heroines employ all sorts of tools in their arsenal, from blow-dryer guns to old-fashioned fist fights, in order to thwart Dr. Faux Pas’ dastardly plans. The Kluminator and Girl Wonder avoid a chain of fashion disasters in their efforts to neutralize an evil death ray that threatens to vaporize the entire community of fashionistas gathered in Bryant Park. SPIKED HEEL will feature guest appearances by the fashionably devoted Michael Kors, Leighton Meester, Mel B and Christian Siriano.

    SPIKED HEEL: Supermodels Battle the Forces of Evil is directed by fashion documentarian Doug Keeve (Unzipped, Seamless). It began shooting as a lark during September Fashion Week last year and evolved into SPIKED HEEL over the next several weeks. The four-webisode series will air exclusively on www.modelinia.com/spikedheel.

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