• Fonzworth Bentley for GIANT Magazine

    Found these pictures of Mr. Bentley’s one-month old spread for GIANT Magazine. Apparently this flew under the radar because I definitely would have remembered this going around. That’s what happens without proper PR (Note: someone please send us these things). Anyways, what you guys think?

    [First seen on Upscale Swagger]

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    For the Record: E-603

    For the Record is The Steel Crew’s series of dialogue with leaders and up-and-comers in the fashion, arts, and entertainment industries. We are the inquiring minds, and we want to know more…don’t you?

    This edition of For the Record is with E-603, New Hampshire’s finest mashup artist and DJ. We recently got on the horn with E, and picked his brain about his mashup style, his future as an artist, and the music industry as a whole.

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    The Standard Hotel

    I was in Los Angeles for the weekend and my friends and I decided to check out the nightlife.  I realized that I know NOTHING about Los Angeles nightlife, unlike SF nightlife which I know like the back of my hand.  While I was initially tiffed that we had to pay $20 each to get in, the night was far from a total bust.  I’m a simple dude and I find paying $20 to experience an artificial nightlife setting is complicated.  Some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to have been for free and I have found that places with cover fall very short of its own hype.  But entering the hotel, crossing the swanky lobby, and riding the escalator up to the elevator that takes you to the The Standard’s rooftop with a skyline view of downtown Los Angeles, I can understand why people would pay to get in.  The rooftop features a deep, blue lit-up pool, copious amounts of lounging couches, waterbeds (yes waterbeds), and on the particular night we went, a wide assortment of BBWs (pun not intended.)

    You might remember The Standard Hotel’s appearance in shows like Entourage where they ostentatiously meet a client, or in one of the opening scenes of Ocean’s 12, or in a commercial trying to convince you that you deserve a better, more luxurious life compared to the likes of common folk.

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    Quotation Rotation | Babe Ruth in “The Sandlot”

    “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die.”

    Follow your heart, kid, and you can never go wrong.

    The Fast and The Furious Fridays: Unseen F&F footage!

    Courtesy of Trailer Addicts, we’ve got a savvy new clip from the upcoming, undoubtedly Academy Award-winning, trash talking, street racing thriller Fast & Furious. Not that anyone but me cares, but it looks like while Brian’s sticking to his guns (a right hand drive Nissan GT-R R34, albeit in a newer, bluer color scheme), Dom’s opting for a new slab of all-American iron in a matte silver Chevelle SS.

    April 3 is NEXT WEEK. I’m revved up, and all my pistons are firing. And no, I haven’t run out of automotive puns yet.

    1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

    I was on Flickr looking for some Opening Ceremony photos.  Instead, I found these beautiful old school photographs of the 1984 Summer Olympics.  Check out all the colors people use to bear on their backs.  I think looking back, nostalgia egregiously reimagines and alters the fashion sense of the 80’s.  The result is 80’s parties or 80’s nights with cut-off sweaters, scrungies, and every cliche you can think of.  Maybe there were a lot of fashion mistakes made, or regrets you could say.  Nonetheless, fashion builds on the decades that precede it and the 80’s contributed a palette of colors that serves to inspire many of today’s collections.

    [From fbpa.wayne's Flickr]


    Party Favors.

    I didn’t mention it in either the Saks Spring Preview post or in our interview with Mr. Eric Jennings, but…I scored that night.

    Get your head out the gutter there Beaver, not that way. But when the hosts announced that they were announcing the winner of the evening’s raffle, Cas and I scooted as quickly as we could to front so that we could get a view and perhaps some photos. I never managed to get the damn photo though, because as it turns out, they announced my name. In between Cas’ victory whoops and Mr. Jennings’ bemused smile (we had just finished our interview literally just minutes earlier) and handshake, I was still fondling the lens, wondering if I should stick to the front to take pictures of the other winners.

    Surprise again. I didn’t just win one of the items in the glass case…I won ALL of the goodies. Needless to say, I was beyond stoked. Click after the jump to take a peek into my goodie bag…


    Fast backward in time

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