• One Year Anniversary Party @ The Hundreds SF | 3.20.09

    Continuing their “Fifth” series of celebrations to mark the brand’s fifth birthday, The Hundreds threw a one year anniversary party for their San Francisco store on Post St. We got to chat a little bit with Ben and Tony (who were, as usual, super super cool) but alas, I missed a chance to meet Bobby Hundreds. Oh well.

    More pictures of the party after the jump, my favorite of which is right above these paragraphs. Nothing says “Duuuuuude I’m having fuuuuuuun” like flashing the rocker and looking like your grill got hit by a bus.


    Richard Pryor

    Without Richard Pryor, there would be no Dave Chappelle.  And without Dave Chappelle, there probably would have been months void of laughter throughout my college years.  Most people like to write off the 80s as a penalty in men’s fashion.  Broad shoulder, double-breasted suits, winbreakers.  A lot of people don’t like to look back.  I consider just a different kind of monster folks were dealing with at the time.  Richard Pryor proves that there was a lot of classic style in the 80’s.  

    La Merde Spring 2009

    Check out La Merde’s latest Spring release.  I like these jackets that look like they can be worn anywhere short of a formal occasion. What’s probably even more impressive is their website, www.iamlamerde.com. You can shop for their pieces with the La Merde catalog laid out in a generic blog template, following the tradition of Ksubi and Maison Martin Margiela.  If you’re in the San Francisco area, cop one at your local Villains shop.

    If you want more of a description of what La Merde is all about, check the e-mail drop…

    La Merde, a Portland, OR based apparel company, announces the debut of its Spring 2009 line. Designed with the hip, young professional in mind, this season’s highlights include a hooded, military-style blazer, black twill motorcycle jacket, and seersucker hoodie with bowtie drawstring. All pieces feature a tailored, slim cut, are fully lined and highly detailed with playful touches, including custom interior flask pockets.

    This Spring Collection is the sophomore release from designers Josh Hindson and Erik Prowell. The line may seem incongruous to anyone familiar with the duo’s previous collaboration; a humor based graphic tee brand called No Star ( http://www.nostarclothing.com). After 8 years in the apparel industry, they saw a need for clean, masculine outerwear that incorporated a street sensibility. LaMerde couples classic suiting materials and traditional silhouettes with contemporary influences, details and styling to create a range of remarkably versatile jackets. “We didn’t see much in the world of men’s wear that we were very excited about. We decided it was time to start designing for ourselves.” says Prowell. “I think the result speaks for itself.”


    For the Record: Eric Jennings

    For the Record is The Steel Crew’s new series of dialogue with leaders and up-and-comers in the fashion, arts, and entertainment industries. We are the inquiring minds, and we want to know more…don’t you?

    This edition of For the Record is with Men’s Fashion Director for Saks Fifth Avenue, Eric Jennings. Mr. Jennings was kind enough to give us an interview at the Saks Men’s Store in downtown San Francisco, where he was hosting a spring collection preview.

    The full interview after the jump.


    “I can make you a celebrity overnight.”

    I woke up this morning to this text from my brother: “You made front page gold on the TH blog.”

    HUZZAH. None of you know how awesome this is for me. I’m a longtime follower/reader/fan of TH and I’m stoked to see myself on their homepage, even if it’s only for probably all of an entire day.

    But before I start basking in my .15 nanoseconds of e-fame and hire a Venezuelan security guard/dry cleaner to carry my water bottle for me, I have to first thank Ben (for seriously being a homie, and absolutely cool, even though I’ve only talked to him twice) and Bobby and Tony and everyone in The Hundreds‘ crew who put together Friday’s excellent hipsterfest beer-a-thon party for THSF’s first year anniversary.

    Check out ynoT?’s blog for more pics, and stay tuned for our coverage tomorrow. Incidentally, that girl in the Twisted Sister shirt is officially MY NEW GIRLFRIEND. Maybe. If I can find her on Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

    Less than minor celebrities.

    Spring Collection Preview @ Saks SF | 3.19.09

    Last night at the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s store, we were invited to a Spring Collection preview party by Saks and Urban Daddy, hosted by none other than Eric Jennings, Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Fashion Director. It was a homecoming of sorts, since Mr. Jennings is originally from Walnut Creek here in the Bay Area.

    Stay tuned for our post next Monday, where we’ll have our exclusive interview (!!!) with Mr. Jennings. But for right now, click after the jump for more pictures of the men’s spring preview.



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