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    A photographer by the name of Gerritt StarczewskI sent us this project he’s got going on, called Dancing Shoes.  Starczewskl attempts to capture the perfect shoe of pop music with shoes from Pharrell Williams, M.I.A., Oasis, The Kills, Zoot Woman, The Cure, Lykke Li, Chemical Brothers, The Hives, Sonic Youth, Roisin Murphy, MGMT and more.

    If there ever was a time capsule for pop star footwear, this would be it.

    Check out his websites here:


    Alison Mosshart – The Kills

    Click for some pop star kicks…


    I Broke My Camera…While Sailing on A Boat

    I guess there’s nothing more cliche than posting this video up months after it has become popular and run its course. However, there is a perfectly good reason why if you can’t already infer from the title. Last Saturday was the Treasure Island Sailing Center’s first sailing day of the season, which equals free sailing and free kayaking. I’ve never been on a sailboat before so I called up some good friends and made it happen. To say the least, the sailing experience was pretty cool as The Lonely Island Boys can attest to. I’m sure I’ll never understand what it means to live life at sea, but I got a glimpse of why people can’t live without it.

    Sailing around Treasure Island was everything it was cracked up to be. I was moving around the boat, taking crazy shots in awkward positions on my trusty Sony digital, and making sure the boom didn’t swing around and bludgeon me on the head. I did all this without damaging my camera AT ALL.

    Then to pass the time, we thought it a good idea to go kayaking. Boarding the kayak proved tricky but my balance held up and I didn’t fall. But just when I had two legs into the kayak, my camera fell out of my life jacket pocket into the kayak footrests where pockets of water collect. And so far, the camera has not turned on since.

    And that’s how a free day of sailing cost me $200. And that’s why you’re seeing this music video instead of pictures of my first time on sail boat.

    “The Shoes That Make You Run Faster and Jump Higher”

    If you didn’t know, we are huge fans of The Sandlot (as seen on Quotation Rotation.)  So when PF Flyers contacted us, we could not help but get excited for the new line-up.  We must be doing something right if people are contacting US to show us stuff that we like, instead of us begging other brands for something exclusive and hearing the resounding and inevitable, “Nay.”  Nothing tops the e-mail they sent to us though…

    Ripped straight from the inbox…

    I’d love to have you check out PF Flyers sneakers because they are totally sick and will definitely be up your alley.  I attached a couple of my personal favorites but also included their digital books below.  PF has been around for over 70 years and has transformed itself from that dorky sneaker in the Sandlot to a high fashion kick with the most premium materials.

    My favorite aspect of PF Flyers are their distinctive variation on the classic lo and hi-top.  For example, their shoes have the signature enlarged toe that separates them from other brands, most notably Chucks and Vans.  I’m glad that the shoes have maintained in the spotlight for over 70 years or else it might as well could have ended up as that dorky shoe from The Sandlot…*

    Spring 2009 PF Flyers Catalog

    Fall 2009 PF Flyers Catalog

    Click for more pictures…and tell us your favorites


    Weeds Season 5 Premieres on June 8

    Just when I thought that I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to post, something serendipitously showed up under my radar. I might be a little late to the party, but I’m here nonetheless. In order to celebrate 4/20, the folks at SHOWTIME have released their new poster for Season 5 and they decided on MILFy spider. Mary Louise Parker definitely gets better with age.

    The Weeds posters and promos have been somewhat a mainstay of The Steel Closet. We are big fans of GOOD television and whoever does the marketing for HBO and SHOWTIME certainly has their work cut out for them. They go beyond the obvious and create very thoughtful images of what the show has to offer. It has 100x more merit than the kids of Beverly Hills sitting in a 90210-shaped pool.

    The Weeds posters also have consistently nailed the wardrobe down. The season 3 poster was the Adam and Eve theme collaboration with Californication. Actually that one did not require a lot of clothes…just white sheets, apples, and weed leaves. The season 4 poster was the 1950s Burby mom. In any case, we’re now officially excited for the new season, which premieres on June 8 on Showtime.

    [First seen at J'Adore La Nuit]

    Pete Seeger – What Did You Learn in School?

    Straight from Mykee’s facebook…

    Pete singing on BBC’s ‘Tonight In Person’ in 1964

    It makes me wonder what I got out of formal education.

    The Music That Stirs the Soul

    Word up to Davidm for the impeccable high school titles that we gave to our burned CDs.

    Our friends at MADE Jewelry just sent us their mixtape. It’s called MADE Mix Vol. II by DJ Beatnik and Mr. Mention. It’s not just a mixtape. It’s a soulmate. So sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with music again.

    Download MADE Mix Vol. II here.

    Heineken wins at television.

    In what seems to be an excellent year for food and beverage commercials, I can’t help but notice that Heineken is thinking that it’s Godzilla and the rest of the advertising world is a papier-mache scale model of Japan. That is to say, they’re DESTROYING people out there. I’m literally devastated by how awesome their commercials are. First we have the gem above that pretty much everyone seems to love (apparently, the entire Internet is fluent in Dutch or German or whatever, because this thing isn’t available in English ANYWHERE).

    But last night I saw this new commercial, featuring one of my favorite hip hop classics of all time.

    As good as the walk-in fridge commercial was, I have a soft spot for anyone who uses a song this good, this well. I hope this leads to more people rediscovering how much they loved this song.

    Utter brilliance by those Dutch. You can never, EVER, mess with tha Biz.

    And, in the spirit of the NBA playoffs, I’ve included a GENIUS parody of the first commercial by LeBron James and the lovable goons of the Cleveland Cavaliers after the jump.


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