• The Archive at Oki-ni

    The Archive at Oki-ni was supposed to go LIVE today, but I seem to not be able to find it. However, we do have this preview of the site. The Archive is Oki-ni’s new museum/library concept. They choose a designer and highlight the designer’s work over the years, serving as a career catalog for the designer. The first designer is Raf Simons. This collection spans from initial pieces from the mid-90s to collections from the present day. If you’re wondering why the model’s eyes are covered, Oki-ni wanted to “to focus entirely on the product and not an identity.”

    Interesting concept. How many of you look back inside your yearbook and are proud of what you see? I have hidden mine in an underground fireproof safe with voice recognition.

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    White People Putting Out Good Music

    On any given week, white people generally put out good music.  But on this specific week, three white people, whose music we really like, are dropping albums this week.  We’re gonna officially endorse these albums and deem it listenable to our viewing public.

    Chester French – Love the Future

    The album is currently #3 on the Pop Album Charts.

    Asher Roth – Asleep in the Bread Aisle

    $18,000 in sales on the first day

    And the following is a winner.  This is Asher Roth covering my favorite song, “Untitled” by D’Angelo, to promote his new album.  And of course, in D’Angelo fashion, he does it in his very pasty birthday suit.

    Click to see the video…


    Flight of the Asher

    I swear this will be the last post on Asher Roth.*  But if you haven’t heard already, the rapper just sold more than $18,000 in sales yesterday off of the release of his new album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle.  I remember listening to Asher Roth’s mixtape last year and thinking that there was no way that they would put this kid on the radio.  He’s too good.  But after a lot of blog/magazine coverage and a single called “I Love College,” he proved me wrong and I’m glad that he did because talent is not usually rewarded in the music industry anymore (See Burger King Ad.)

    But if you want to celebrate with Asher Roth, check out his collaboration with Flight Club.  It’s another college-inspired Tee with a 420 logo and the styles of…Wonder Bread. It is a limited run of 100 T-shirts so get ‘em while they’re hot.

    I used to have a Wonder Bread T-shirt and that shirt gave me daps and pounds all around.


    Offensive rap and midgets sell a LOT of burgers.

    Which do you think offends your sensibilities more? Using washed up rappers and hip hop that objectifies womens’ bodily assets TO SELL HAPPY MEALS WITH SPONGEBOB TOYS?!


    …Using little people dressed as cowboys (also known scientifically as dwarves) on tiny ponies to sell miniature hamburgers, complete with helium-reverb sound effect on the chorus?

    Personally, I’m not offended by either. It’s good to know that we Americans can put aside our petty differences and unite happily on common ground by celebrating the important things, the things that warm our hearts: fast-food, midgets, and rap. Political correctness be damned, we like our burgers, and we will go out of our way to find new ways to sell them, including teaching kids that they can get Nickelodeon toys with a bootylicious meal and exploiting little people to sell mini burgers.

    I have no doubt in my mind that someone, somewhere, will find these commercials offensive and then dial the ACLU or the Barack Obama “Help My Ass Out” hotline and get them banned. Honestly, anytime I see these commercials, a huge grin crawls across my face because they’re so ridiculously un-P.C. So enjoy these gems while you can, because I have a feeling they won’t be around for long.

    The Dirt Show

    The Dirt Show

    Exactly one week ago, Krizz and I visited Berkeley’s annual “Dirt Show.” I don’t know anything about The Dirt Show except that they give out appetizers, free wine, and complimentary ceramic mugs if you come early enough. I remember going last year and remembering the art to be phenomenal. If I assume correctly, I think the Dirt Show is like everyone’s final for some art/ceramics class. Nonetheless, if there’s anything the Dirt Show is known for, it’s the sculptures.


    Resisting The Heat

    For those of you in The City, you would notice that it is hot as balls with extra duck butter on the sides.  I can walk outside at 7 a.m. without a jacket or a sweatshirt.  I go out, come back, and my room is a sauna with all the windows closed and blinds shut.  And while the record-breaking weather arrived swiftly without warning, it might be departing just as quickly since the almighty powerful weather.com declared that there will be rain this weekend.

    The heatwave signals the end of a long winter and the retirement of its dark colors.  Luckily Resistance isn’t afraid to make use of the brighter side of the color spectrum.  At oki-ni, you can check out Resistance’s collection of all-print jackets, two-tone dress shirts, shoes, polos, and graphic Tees.  And for those of you who don’t know Resistance, we got you covered.

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    Not at Coachella | Day 2


    Saturday, April 17th 2009 / Day 2 – Not at Coachella:

    After last night’s ear splitting experience at The Smell I had to find a more relaxing gig. Perusing LAWeekly I found McCabe’s Guitar Shop was having Ramblin’ Jack Elliot perform. I had heard the name once, back when I had a short lived obsession with folk music. It mattered very little that I wasn’t completely aware of who I was about to see; I was going to McCabe’s! This would only be my second time there but after seeing Tom Chapin and the Chapin Sisters perform at McCabe’s some months back I knew it was a venue visited by only the most talented artists.

    I arrived late, and was informed the show was sold out!  

    Fast backward in time

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