• Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I’ve been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm in my spare time.  For me, humor is always on a scale.  Is it funnier or more different than what I have previously seen (i.e. is it better than Arrested Development or Chappelle’s Show?)  And then, there will just be comedy I enjoy for no good reason at all (i.e. The Lonely Island Boys.)  Well Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of those shows that’s in between, but still with very high entertainment value.  The show’s premise is Larry David, creator of Seinfeld, finding himself in varied predicaments that are usually the result of his own subtly narcissistic behavior.  His 2005 poster read, “Deep inside you know you’re him.”  I chuckled because it was sort of true.

    It reminds me of an episode in Season 1 where he visits a friend’s house and is told to take off his shoes before he enters.  As a matter of convenience, he leaves them on.  Suffice it to say, it ends up with him being viciously berated by his friend’s wife.

    But I totally can relate because I HATE taking off my shoes  

    Hachi Camachi! The Bikini Cafe

    Holy Toledo!  The first thing I caught on Digg when I signed on this morning was this story about Cafe Di Vang 2 in Garden Grove.  It’s a Vietnamese Cafe where the servers wear bikinis while serving you coffee…or serve coffee while wearing bikinis.  It’s not the usual stuff that we post here, but I felt compelled to post this.  On several occasions, my homie, Nam, has invited me out to this rumored cafe where the bikini flows plenty, but it just never happened.  Now it has become one of the sideshows on FOX News.

    They have spun the story as an “Asian Hooters” where all the customers are just interested in coffee and the waitresses just want to be your friend and know how your day is going, which is far from what gets spread on the grapevine.  According to Nam, the cafe regulars are Vietnamese gangsters who also happen to be the waitresses’ boyfriends.  They spend their time at the cafe to make sure none of the customers try anything.

    And of course, this convo with a friend of mine tells a different yet equally troubling story.

    I’m sure I’ll write a post about my eventual visit to this infamous coffee shop.

    Wale in GQ

    Interesting that GQ will put the underground rapper in their magazine blog. Talk about crossover. I guess it’s no longer adequate to have success in the underground. Artists these days need to be as pervasive as possible just to keep up with everyone else. The demographic is everyone.

    Check out: Wale in GQ

    Redesign of the U.S. dollar

    Found these redesigns of the U.S. Dollar.  It reminded me of Chapelle when he said, “Our money looks like trading cards of slave owners.”  I think it’s a refreshing take on our “greenbacks.”

    Do you think they’ll ever make an Obama dollar?

    [Seen via Acid Cow]



    Beastie Boys “So What’cha Want ” ft. The Roots on Jimmy Fallon

    They still have the swagger in their rap, but their step is a little bit sluggish. That’s what rapping at 40 will do to you. But respect to them for holding it down for this long.

    Un-Broke: Seth Green Cribs Edition

    This video does not want you to know what to feel.  On the one hand, you have Seth Green parodying and acting out a basic cable cliche.  On the other, you have him giving very sound, agreeable financial advice.  And then on the third hand, you feel like shiite because you agree with his standard of living and yet, you long for a good old-fashioned Cribs episode where you can escape in someone else’s fantasy.

    But a funny video, nonetheless.

    Fast backward in time

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