• “She Loves Everybody”

    Summer ran into Chester French at Miss Sixty before their show at the Rickshaw Stop.  We had our hearts set on going to this but hipsters will always beat us to the ticket booths.  As a life-after-college young adult, life is too crazy to know if we’ll absolutely be available on the night of a given show months in advance.  For high school students, it’s all they look forward to.

    Well…THAT and premarital sex.


    Classic Small-Business Dilemma

    Streetwear brand, The Hundreds, were featured in today’s business section of the LATimes.  We haven’t featured Hundreds stuff on this blog since their party in SF, but I felt complled to post this up because this article was actually a conversation that me and Alexander had many moons ago.  We contemplated on how a brand like The Hundreds with a strong cult following manages to outdo their own success without sinking the whole ship.  This was back in October when we attended a party and many unsavory characters were representing TH on their backs.  We concluded, “You can’t control who buys your products.”

    But the article was an insight to what a lot of us saw coming, and yet, they offer no solutions to the dilemma.  It’ll be interesting to see what TH’s next move will be.

    I think it’s amusing that the writer used Ed Hardy as an example, seeing as that Ed Hardy was NEVER a streetwear brand.  It was more like a Mom-still-trying-to-be-sexy brand.

    [Photo by The Hundreds]

    Explosions and Boobs

    Someone was kind enough to make a website that featured two things that men love, and only these two things: Explosions and Boobs.  It isn’t more complicated than that.

    How does it make you feel?

    [Seen via YBNBY]

    Headless Photography

    Some photographs by the artist, known as Nothing But Poetry .

    [First seen at Slanelle]


    More Scenes from the Weekend (Last One)

    Considering that the weekend is over, these are pictures of our Sunday night.  We were so bored that I paid $4 to go to the city and eat at a late night spot I’ve never been to.  After YELPing, which is an unreliable source, I found out about SAM’s, a popular hole-in-the-wall burger joint in North Beach.  It cost $8 for a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda.

    What was the verdict?

    It was decent, but I could’ve paid a portion of that going to In-N-Out, it would’ve tasted better at In-N-Out, and the drive would’ve been shorter.

    I told Summer to take control of the camera and take some Japanese artsy photos and this is what she came up with.


    Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

    …which this video has nothing to do with.

    More Scenes from the Weekend

    Hope you guys are enjoying yours!  

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