• SlapChop Remix

    I knew that autotune can be used to make folks sound better, but I thought the extent was fixing someone who was slightly off-key. This commercial proves to me that autotune can be used for anything and everything. For me, the question remains, “If autotune can make Vince for Slapchop sound like Afrika Bambataa, why aren’t there better songs on the radio?”

    Bonus: The Shamwow Remix


    “How can she slap?”

    My friends and I looped this all weekend. I know it sucks to see a woman get slapped on TV. But I ran all the scenarios in my head and the result is the same: she was pretty much asking for it. I even watched some of the old episodes to see how she acts on the show, and she is one bona fide b***h. As the show’s host, how can you just up and slap one of your contestants for being a little mouthy?

    And while I’m not condoning the dude’s actions, I understand.  

    Transformers 2 Almost Beats Dark Knight

    I still haven’t seen it, so I don’t know exactly what all the hoopla is about.  From what I’ve heard, Revenge of the Fallen is an exciting film to watch, albeit an incredibly mindless and dumb movie.  As much as I remember, that’s how I felt about the 1st Transformers.  I recall being on the edge of my seat when Sam was being chased by the evil cop car and satisfied at the movie’s end as the credits rolled.  And then I thought about what I had just seen and conceded that the movie was not a great film in any sense, except for its action value, which is something I and all of the internet have come to expect from a Michael Bay film.

    All things considered, I can’t wait to watch this movie even though it probably doesn’t deserve my money.

    [The Dark Knight and Quality Wins... Barely]

    [Image via Ffffound]


    It’s Pride Weekend here in SF.  We may or may not cover events.  But for everyone out there celebrating, stay safe and stay prideful.

    Quotation Rotation | Leslie Chow in “The Hangover”

    “To-da-loo, motherfucka!”

    Let’s Stay Together

    How about some mood music?

    Michael Jackson says Goodnight to His Fans

    And we say goodnight back.


    Fast backward in time

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