• “How can she slap?”

    My friends and I looped this all weekend. I know it sucks to see a woman get slapped on TV. But I ran all the scenarios in my head and the result is the same: she was pretty much asking for it. I even watched some of the old episodes to see how she acts on the show, and she is one bona fide b***h. As the show’s host, how can you just up and slap one of your contestants for being a little mouthy?

    And while I’m not condoning the dude’s actions, I understand. You can tell the dude was as surprised as everyone in the room when she got physical. Hence, the repeated “How Can She Slap?” mantra that makes up the hilarity of this video. In his voice, you can also sense that he was surprised that he slapped back and triggered the studio beating.

    If I were to give the host any sort of due, she shouldn’t have been slapped so hard. I can’t count how many times we yelled “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” right after he bear paws her face.

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