• SlapChop Remix

    I knew that autotune can be used to make folks sound better, but I thought the extent was fixing someone who was slightly off-key. This commercial proves to me that autotune can be used for anything and everything. For me, the question remains, “If autotune can make Vince for Slapchop sound like Afrika Bambataa, why aren’t there better songs on the radio?”

    Bonus: The Shamwow Remix

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    Haha genius!
    wall art

    jakeNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Jan 12 12 at 4:41 am
    It’s as snappy as an Apple smartphone can currently be, limited by the fixed duration of iOS 9’s animations, all of which are as smooth as they were on the iPhone 6.

    Chanel iPhone 6s casesNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Oct 06 15 at 10:19 pm

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