• The Evolution of D’oh!

    Last one for the day. Have a good weekend.

    What Your Friend’s Real Life Habits Say About Their Gaming

    There’s always those friends who’d rather go for the glory than share it with you.

    [via Gamespy]

    Quiksilver X The Standard Hotels Boardshorts Re-issue

    Quiksilver and The Standard have collaborated on a series of boardshorts which are a re-issue of the original design from 70s and 80s with new patterns inspired by the 4 Standard hotels in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Miami, and NY.

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    Happy Friday Ya’ll!

    We’re just winding down, like we do.

    Get Ready

    How about some mood music?

    Got Yourself A Gun!

    [Found at Everything You Love to Hate]

    It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’

    Hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do.  These men look like they have strong backhands, which I don’t condone at all.


    Fast backward in time

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