• Legendary Rapper DMC for SpinEarth

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    “The Old School was a consciousness…”

    DMC talks to SpinEarth about how it was back then. I think we’re all agreed that times aren’t what they used to be.

    UNDRCRWN “M.V.Penny” Tee

    The Air Penny II might have dropped today, but UNDRCRWN wanted to take a moment to honor a different 90’s icon. Long before there were ever Kobe & Lebron muppets- There was one very famous NBA party crasher.

    To honor this very memorable sneaker release, UNDRCRWN pays homage to basketball’s most iconic marionette alongside one of Brooklyn’s finest.


    Nike X True “Trumara 96 pack”

    To celebrate the 13th anniversary of San Francisco streetwear mainstay True, Nike is re-issuing the lazer camo edition Humara designed by the True squad as part of the clerks park released back in 2006. This time around the Trumara comes packaged with a matching new era & tee all for the retail price of $96 in honor of the year True opened for business, 1996.

    The Trumara 96 pack drops this Saturday August 1st exclusively at True in San Francisco & True East in Walnut Creek.

    5 Things that Make the Nerd World Go Round


    In the wake of Comic-Con 2009, an epic celebration of all things geek (which I MISSED), I present the Steel Closet with a look at my people. And what better way to do this than with “5 Things That Make The Nerd World Go Round,” important facets of nerd culture that are as vital to us as water. Barring obvious nerd favorites such as comics, anime, sci-fi, and corresponding conventions for all of the above, I thought it more productive to detail the more obscure fancies of the Comic-Con crowd.

    Ours is a strange yet beautiful culture.

    1.) Trench Coats

    In fiction, trench coats make you look dangerous if you’re a futuristic assassin or some kind of super-powered bad ass with a tortured past. In reality, all they do is keep you warm while you sit on the floor of Barnes & Noble and read graphic novels. Luckily, “reality” doesn’t phase nerds as it does others.

    2.) Cat Ears

    Closet Cleaning

    If you noticed some redecorating lately, then good.  That means you’re a regular reader of our blog.  If you didn’t, then welcome, new reader, or shame on you for not being detail-oriented.  The Steel Closet has been doing some rearranging and we hope that you guys appreciate the changes.  How about we go through all of the changes together?

    1.) If you look above at the address bar, you’ll see a new favicon.  For the longest time, we didn’t have an official favicon.  Well, we kinda did, but we didn’t have any idea how to put it on.  But then one fateful, miraculous afternoon, I figured how to DL a plugin that did all the work for me.  I was amazed at my own web design powers.

    2.) Buttons!  If you look to your right, you’ll notice a couple of buttons: the “Follow Us On Twitter” and “Subscribe to our Feed” buttons.  If it wasn’t obvious by now,  we don’t just want you on the page of your browser.  We want to know what you’re doing, while we tell you what we’re doing, and we can have a retweet correspondence.  We want you to take us with you on your Kindles and RSS feeds so you can read us in the club or while you’re on the toilet.  That was the ultimate goal of the new buttons.  We also switched up the facebook and technorati heart buttons.

    3.)  Our newest feature is invisible at first glance.  

    Erin Andrews and the Tomfoolery of the Peephole

    If you haven’t already heard by now, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is naked on the intrawebz.

    Now, having had a MONSTER crush on Ms. Andrews for the past couple years, I initially thought that this was going to be my Best Week Ever. I was all set to download and watch the video, until that nagging little thing called a conscience started to heckle me.

    After the initial shock (and boner) subsided, I realized how awful this must be for her career. I’m sure that opinions on her were already split to begin with…an attractive news correspondent on a male-dominated sports news network? I think very few people understand how entirely difficult it must be for her to be taken seriously, at a job that she probably loves to pieces. I am, first and foremost, a journalist, and while some people believe that coverage will exponentiate the problem, I sympathize with her plight and hope that the perv-…I mean, perpetrator, is caught and sentenced accordingly.

    So while the damage may have already been done, we here at The Steel Closet will not stand for such crimes. As such, we have decided to show you a picture of a fully-clothed Ms. Andrews, wearing multiple layers of clothing and a slouchy turtleneck thing that prevents you from imagining her as being anything sexier than  a salesperson at Bed Bath and Beyond. And isn’t that belt just adorbs?



    [First seen at Smoking Section]

    Now this is just awesome… peep the description of the Youtube clip: “Our wedding entrance dance to Forever…yeah, forever.” It’s kind of a brave, shameless declaration of how they chose to celebrate and remember their day of union. It actually reminds me of Will Smith’s wedding entrance to the Shaft theme song. Sadly enough, Will Smith’s pretend Shaft-themed wedding is more appropriate than the Minnesotan couple’s video above. At least they obviously enjoyed themselves.  

    Fast backward in time

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