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    The summer movie season is coming to a close, but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good trailers, as long as you know where to look. The internet is ripe with trailers filmed, edited, or re-edited by creative fans, many for films that don’t exist (but possibly should). Here are some of the best of the web!


    This is just the kind of ultra-action videogame “revamp” that lead to such forgettable box office bombs as Doom and Bloodrayne. But at least this trailer knows it’s ridiculous… And is it just me, or those ghosts’ faces seriously friggin’ creepy?

    We Do It All Week

    DEXTER_ep10_010 copy

    True “Sharpie” New Era

    sharp1 copy

    Got Money and You Know It

    GetMoney_web copy

    Two of our friends, Mixerfriendly and Fully Laced, are doing a newsworthy collabo together. As part of MixerFriendly’s Fall 2009 season, they’re releasing a T-shirt/shoelace combo. The “Get Money” T-shirt features MixerFriendly’s classic musical score design overtaken by dollar signs, no doubt a reflection of the music industry’s current state.

    So I suggest checking them out at MixerFriendly.com, they’re always up on thought-provoking ideas and conscious designs.

    Get money, Get Paid!

    Back In The Day

    How about some mood music?

    Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!

    Friday Chris Tucker

    Wadidoo! They closed an entire bridge this weekend. The only way to go to San Francisco is through public transportation, and that makes me want to put on TWO sprays of cologne.

    Here’s to smellin’ fresh.

    Correction: They’re not closing the bridge this weekend. They’re closing it next weekend. I guess my weekend is saved.

    Top 10 Anti-Vampire Weapons



    Why make this list? Because if you are a female between the ages of 13 and 30, there’s a good chance you’ve read Twilight. And if you are a male living in the proximity of said Twilight fans, chances are you’ve thought about killing Edward Cullen. I present you with options.

    10. Blade’s Glaive – From The Blade Trilogy


    As my 8-bit memories of the Legend of Zelda games assure me, boomerangs are very practical weapons. Replace Link with Wesley Snipes at his stoic, flat-topped best, and you get Blade’s glaive, a silver throwing weapon that’s a gem for any vamp hunter/fantasy knife collector/Aboriginal Australian.


    Fast backward in time

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