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    I swear (not really) this is the last time I’ll post about the whole V. Hudgens debacle. While I was aware that showing your hoo-HA was a teen/young adult issue, I completely ignored the fact that there are leagues of pre-pubescent boys seeing these kind of things for the first time, and they don’t know how to handle it besides humping their bed in the opening credits of their Youtube vids.

    I feel like I’m tripping balls because when I was this kid’s age, we were JUST getting the internet. My one friend gave me a floppy disk with a nude girl on it and I thought I was smuggling the equivalent of contraband. We had 56K so video was a no-go, and adult sections in video stores were more or less still thriving.

    Anyways, times have changed. I checked out this kid’s Youtube channel and he said not to embed his videos on our websites. This kid obviously has no idea how the internet works. So I’m gonna do this kid a favor and help his fame by showing this vid to you. Enjoy.

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