• Fuck Yeah Neil Patrick Harris


    What do you get when you collect all of the Neil Patrick memes ever made and dedicate a website to them?

    You get FuckYeahNeilPatrickHarris.com

    Unused Inglorious Basterds Poster

    basterds-alt-poster-590x874 copy

    Seriously, how can you hate Quentin Tarantino? Even his bad movies are good.

    This film is getting so much hype, that I’m starting to get antsy. I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m displaying this poster to hold me over. Apparently, the poster was illustrated by James Goodridge that got passed over, but now the internet has resurrected it.

    District 9 and Inglorious, please wait. I’ll be there soon.

    [Found at Film School Rejects]

    Ivory Serra


    Ivory Serra is a freelance photographer based in New York. After we mistakenly forgot to mention him for his photo of Andy Kessler, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to highlight some of his work.

    Impressive spread, y’got there.


    Kiss of Life

    How about some mood music?

    Undrcrwn “Look Good” Tee

    lookGoodTee_blk copy


    A History of African American Targeted Advertising


    Saw these spots at ProThoughts and KissMyBlackAds. Written by Paul Smalera, the article outlines the history of African American targeted marketing: the missteps, the trends, and the “coincidence” of vice industries heavily targeted at African-Americans.

    And of course, they recounted the moment when I got all hot and bothered over this.

    I thought it was a good read. Definitely worth checking out.

    Upper Playground x Blik Surface Graphics

    butterflygun01 copy

    Progressive art brand Upper Playground and Blik surface graphics have teamed up to offer wall decal designs from some of Upper Playground’s most celebrated artists. Upper Playground by Blik will feature the work of some of today’s most prolific urban artists from Upper Playground’s esteemed roster. Similar to some of the renowned design houses Blik currently collaborates with, the Upper Playground brand elevates these removable wall decals to fine art. “It’s an affordable way for anyone to own a piece of Upper Playground art. It’s easy, unique and synergistic in the way it lays down right on the wall, kind of like a graffiti writer or artist might like . . .” – Scott Flora, Blik co-founder.


    Fast backward in time

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