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    “Active Balanced”

    Othello copy

    Here’s one to hold you Mayer Hawthorne fans over.

    Download here.

    Emcee Othello (Lightheaded Crew) connects with turntablist DJ Vajra for this 12″ which showcases Mayer Hawthorne aka Haircut and his group Now On (Jackson Perry, IX Lives, Haircut). This is the first single off the upcoming album ‘The Required Taste.’

    Artist: Othello & DJ Vajra Song: Active Balanced feat. Mayer Hawthorne and Now On (Terry Cole Remix)
    Album: Unreleased remix
    Label: Colemine Records
    Year: 2009

    We Do It All Week

    940full-amanda-seyfried copy

    Orange You Glad…

    BACB0225d01 copy

    …that we found this photo?

    Head In The Clouds

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    [Seen at Matt Lyon's Flickr]

    Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!


    We’re in L.A. doing it all day. yEE!

    Give Us A Chance! Why You Should Date an Asian Man

    To me, it’s fairly obvious why women should date Asian men. I mean…I’m an Asian guy, and I love me, so why wouldn’t anyone else?

    Then I stopped to think about my monumental failures with women in the past. They probably had nothing to do at all with my ethnicity…but still, if success with women was a route on memory road, then my road was rough, unpaved, filled with patches, and generally confusing. And of course, being a man, I refused to stop and ask for directions.  Reality – man, it’s a sunnuvabitch.

    But enough with my sardonic reminiscences! The lovely (and HILARIOUS) Jen Kwok did me a favor and made the ridiculous music video up above to convince women the world over to take a shot at a young lad like me. Jen, I appreciate the help. I suspect I need it.

    In addition, I came up with five more reasons why wimmenz should date Asian men. Why five? Because five is average. YEAH, AVERAGE, NOT SMALL.

    Fleshy, girthy averageness after the break.


    Fast backward in time

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