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    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Fatal Staples Center Collapse Brings Merciful Early End To Clippers Game

    Considering that the season just started, I thought it was appropriate to play this spoof video by the Onion. I actually watched the Laker/Clipper games to further celebrate Laker Glory. Clippers scared us for a bit, but the Lakers always blow a 10+ lead near the half to the opposing team.

    Hope they make it to the Finals this year.

    I’m totally down for another parade.

    If only Artest could make his shots.

    Ice Cream Scoops Out of Your Brain


    Looks like the drug, Ecstasy, is making the PR rounds on the internet. It’s like it’s 1999 again and Alice DeeJay is hitting the airwaves. Did anyone else know that Alice DeeJay was a group, and not one girl? I JUST figured that out today.

    Anyways, about this story, it looks like this dude had nine years of the most awesome years of his life followed by a sorry existence for the rest of his days. If there’s one thing I learned about the raver scene, it will probably never die, much like the phenomenon of taking drugs.

    The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years | [Guardian]

    Mr. Blue Sky

    How about some mood music?

    Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!


    Happy Halloween Eve!

    Or my personal favorite name of the holiday…”Yomamaween…Eve.”

    I really just wanted to use the word “Yomamaween.”

    Happy Yomamaween!

    They Fought for Our Right…


    …to party.

    Levi’s America (Go Forth) Commercial

    From the description: Levi’s America (Go Forth) commercial directed by Cary Fukunaga for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland.

    The lines are from Walt Whitman’s America, which I’m sure was a poem that my teacher made us read in high school. And now it’s culturally relevant for today’s jeans-wearer.

    Fast backward in time

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