• Corinne Bailey Rae is BACK!

    corrine bailey rae 21

    I’ve been reading all morning about how Corinne Bailey Rae is making a return in an interview (plus video with no embed capabilities FAIL!) with The Guardian. It reveals a lot, basically answering all our questions about where she’s been, when/if she’s coming back, and of course, how she feels.

    Well she spent a whole year grieving and then she focused that energy into an album. The interview paints Rae’s new songs as a significant turn from her previous musical styles so I think we’ll see a lot of pain and growth and a darker sound.

    Her voice is what does it for me, so she could be Crankin’ that Souljah Boi and it would still sound like a sweet symphony to my ears. She also grew out her hair, which only builds the anticipation.

    I’d pay festival prices to see her.

    Thanks to Camille and Mae for the tip.

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    Comments ( 6 )

    [...] was being featured. I happened to find this high-quality version on Youtube, while looking for that damned Guardian interview. It looks like the uploader is the official Corinne Bailey Rae account. Whoever is in charge of her [...]

    Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae | The Steel Closet added these pithy words on Oct 07 09 at 2:54 pm

    [...] i love corinne, and i still listen to her self-titled album often, but ever since october, when the steel closet posted about her return, and referenced this article in the guardian, i knew “the sea” [...]

    avoiding the sea « mantra|mantra|mantra added these pithy words on Jan 27 10 at 5:45 pm

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