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    We recently made our trip to Darling Harbour.  I’m sure you guys want to hear about the cultural differences between Australia and the U.S.  Off the top of my head, loitering isn’t really a punishable offense, cops are nowhere near as present as they are in LA or SF, and girls walk around the streets without shoes on Britney-Spears-style.  With that in mind, Darling Harbour is like a much better City Walk.  Good restaurants, street performers, shops and sights to see.



    We happened to be there on a day they had fireworks.  I have never been this close to professional fireworks.  American culture would never allow that.  Too much fear built into the system.


    Another thing that is different between the two countries: action happening beneath freeway overpasses. This is an adept street performer entertaining under a freeway.  He had a captivating way with words.

    “I’ve been street performing for 13 years.  I’ve worked all my life to offer you something I value.  All I ask in return is to give something that you value.  I do what I do because it is an honest way.  You get paid what you’re worth by the people who watch you.  There’s nothing in this world quite like it.”



    Parkin’ It

    Australia1 copy

    These are my first moments as a tourist in Australia. There’s something therapeutic about just wandering around trying to enjoy/experience the scenery without any rush to it. The American way of traveling usually implies trying to get as much done and see as much as you can in the short amount of time you have. There is an inherent time pressure we place on ourselves, which is not always a good thing. Sometimes, it’s just nice to take everything in.

    Australia5 copy


    This guy provided the musical entertainment for the whole park.




    The Thunder Down Under


    Surprise surprise! We’re in Aussieland! You would not believe how hard they make it to access internet down here. All sorts of fees when interment is supposed to be a God-given right. I am literally at a 24-hour McDonald’s just to post this thang.

    Anyways, like most travels abroad, it usually starts at the airport.

    Airport3 copy

    The airport was packed, but not as packed as you would expect from the night before Thanksgiving.

    Airport4 copy

    Just passing time while we wait for the security check point to violate us.

    Airport2 copy

    And a view from the inside of our airline, V Australia.  They know hhttpo take care of their passengers.  I watched Transformers 2, Terminator Salvation, and (500) Days of Summer while on the plane.

    Airport5 copy

    Battery is running out.  More to come…

    Where In The World is The Steel Closet?


    Sorry for the unexpected hiatus.

    I’ve been gearing up for an extended vacation, and in all of the hhopla, this blog took a back seat. But we’re still in the same car. No need to get your panties ridden up. So as I write this, I am 12 hours away from a plane flight that will take me out of the country, the first time I’ve left the States in 10 years, not counting Mexico. I’ll try to keep up the regular programming, but for the most part, the posts will be foreign-country-tourist-travel-guide-centric. Hopefully, we can all get something out of my little trip overseas.

    So stay tuned since I’ll be blogging from another country the next time you check here. But for fun, you can guess where I’m going and I’ll respond in the comments. If you already know, hhttabout not spoiling it for the rest of the readers?

    As for the picture, I just thought it was awesome.

    Mr. Big Stuff

    Hhttabout some mood music?

    What’s Up With That?

    Ah yes, a jab a BET. So in right now. A swipe at Al sharpton. Very chic. This has got to be Keenan Thompson’s best performance since Fat Albert, which I watched on Christmas day. HEY HEY HEY!

    “I’m Actually Kind of Busy Right Now.”




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