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    An Animation: The Story of Google

    Above is the retelling of The Story of Google by Nick Scott Studio. In the animation, the studio uses a notebook/sketchbook design to reinforce how ideas on paper become ubiquitous applications and services that enrich and manage our daily lives.  

    The Man Who Designed America


    If you like it, it’s probably because this guy made it that way.

    Arguably the most influential industrial designer of the 20th century, French-born Raymond Loewy (1893 – 1986) fashioned or utterly re-imagined a dizzying array of products and brands during a career spanning seven decades. Writer, illustrator, and co-founder of the Web’s best blog, BoingBoing, Mark Frauenfelder has been fascinated by Loewy’s work for years. In this gallery, Mark celebrates his favorite Loewy projects, and muses on the man’s enduring appeal.


    Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!


    Daddy’s Girl All Grown Up

    It’s hard to place Hayden Panettiere nowadays. She grew up in the public eye as the 9 year-old football know-it-all on Remember the Titans. She grew tittays (C) DaPhamily and became the cheerleader who made us pray that an upskirt was her special power. And now she’s in what some would call…”that awkward phase.”

    Lacoste Croc Myths – Africa

    Created by Meric Pine, music by Ben Green

    Way Down in the Hole

    by Tom Waits (live)

    Also known as The Wire theme song.  All the reason to post it, absolutely no reason to hate it.

    Fast backward in time

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