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    Do the Math

    Here’s a cringeworthy yet honorable attempt to make math cool…by rapping about it. There’s also a smidge of consciousness with some thoughtful stats to back it up. But let’s be honest, this kid is out of his league, because 391874810_mit was already done before.  By who?  Kevin G, of course.  It’s hard to believe but it was 5 years ago when Kevin Gnapoor laid down his skills as Mathlete in the classroom and Bad Ass MC at the Christmas Talent Show on Mean Girls.

    That rap is still fresh in my mind. Who would want this guy makin’ love to your woman on the bathroom floor? I’m scared to death of the idea. But to little 15-year-old Varun, if you’re going to mix the unlikely couple of rap and math, make sure you learn from the master before you attempt again.  Oh do you not remember the rap I’m speaking of?  No biggy.  I have conveniently attached the video below for your listening pleasure.  You’re welcome.


    The Take Over


    Check this out, our first fan photo on our facebook fan page. Adrienne, friend and fan, found this in a lounge restroom at SF. Speaking of which, if you’re a regular reader/lurker/or just passing by, you should add yourself to our fan page to get some of the best culture blogging West of the Mississipi on your Live Feed.

    The Many Uses of Green Screen

    What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

    Geisha Looking at Photographs


    Zhang Zhiyi take some notes. Yes that was a Memoirs of a Geisha reference.


    We Got that B Roll

    My favorite B Roll is flirty woman on the telephone while sitting on silk sheets. Usually used for sex hot lines.

    I’m sure they have that somewhere in their archives.

    Picturing the Past 10 Years by Phillip Niemeyer


    A chart of this decade’s buzzwords.


    Fast backward in time

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