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    Yes, it’s true. Ben Stiller is planning to make a sequel to one of the greatest comedy movies in the history of comedy on film! Ok, that’s most probably a hyperbolic statement, but for those who are convinced that Zoolander wasn’t funny (You’re probably dead to me anyways,) let me make the case for how Zoolander shifted the style of comedy in movies, from a Millennial/Gen Y perspective.


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    piggy-bank-on-wheels1 Pour one out for the Bandit, because if his era hasn’t already passed it’s rapidly coming to a close. Speed cameras, already a widespread fact of life in Europe, have become a grudgingly accepted reality for several states in America, and soon could be for others. One cost benefit analysis report conducted over a ten year period showed a reduction of 28% in accidents at some locations where speed cameras had been installed. That’s an impressive statistic, and politicians that want to launch their own speed camera programs have been quick to embrace the notion of improving the safety of citizens on roadways and insist their interest is only for the public good. It all sounds real nice and well-meaning, but the cynic in me can’t ignore the balance sheet lurking behind that press release. The annual base salary for a first year patrol officer in the LAPD is $30,000. A Gatso speed camera costs £20,000 (roughly $35,000), and requires 240V of electricity to operate. The government issues itself a rate of 4-5 cents per kilowatt hour, so depending on the amps required it could cost around $4,500 a year on the higher end to power each camera. With each camera installed you take a hit of close to $10,000 (assuming you have a significant number of rookies in your department) in the first year, but even with maintenance and operating costs you’ll be saving more than that in the long run, and saving isn’t the half of it.



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