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    Omar Channels Terry Richardson


    Michael K. Williams, the actor who plays The Wire’s fan-favorite lovable gay gangsta (gayngsta) character, Omar, went into Terry Richardson’s studio and took some pictures. He summons his Dana Carvey Master of Disguise powers and transforms himself into the eccentric photographer.

    Upon inspection of the photo, I have deduced that Michael K. Williams has scary huge hands that are ashier than Dante’s Peak.

    For those who ever wondered, Michael K. Williams’ scar is very real. He was on the receiving end of a glass bottle during a bar fight long before his stint on The Wire.

    Do you what else is very real? Michael K. Williams’ role in R. Kelly’s masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet. He plays the officer, who’s wife is cheating on him with a midget.

    That’s not a joke. Check it out for yourself.

    James Bond with an alcohol problem and Mommy Issues: ARCHER is a must watch.



    With the recent announcement that Archer has officially been renewed for a second season (after being dangerously close to being cancelled), I can now write a positive post about how great this show is and its bright and shiny future instead of a negative one, rambling about the idiocy of FX executives and bitching about how another show was struck down before its prime.

    Archer takes place in a cold war America (sorta) and follows the adventures of the ISIS organization, a spy agency. Sterling Archer (voiced by cult actor H. Jon Benjamin) is one of their top spies. He is also a boozing chauvinist pig, a bit of a bigot and has a lot of anger caused by his mother. Oh yea, his mother, Malory Archer, is the head of ISIS. Much kudos to the creators of Archer for casting Jessica Walter as the voice. It is always great hearing an Arrested Development alumnus. She is basically playing the same role she played in Arrested Development, but she does it so great you don’t mind.

    My Little Trippy Pony

    WORDS BY Superstylin*

    In 1983, girls all across the land were introduced to My Little Pony. The toy ponies were enjoyed for hours on end at play dates and slumber parties for years to come. My Little Pony Live: The World’s Biggest Tea Party is a 90-minute musical that toured the U.S. from 2006 to 2008. (Also available for your viewing pleasure on DVD.) Can someone tell me exactly what type of tea is being served at this party?! My apologies in advance if you have nightmares tonight.

    The Cremastered Home


    Inspiration can come from anywhere, but who could have guessed that some of the most significant design trends of today would be presaged in an epic and difficult work of art? “The Cremaster Cycle,” a series of five separate, distinct vignettes created by the artist Matthew Barney, is a combination of disciplines and ideas that’s almost beyond description. Pastels, flower arrangements, Baroque design, deformities, Vaseline, and blood mix with a repulsive appeal in a celebratory satire of the figuratively castrated modern man. The ram, a potent symbol of male virility from depictions of Dionysus/Bacchus to Robert Rauschenberg’s “Monogram,” is played by Barney as a dandyish fop with its distinctive horns, used as weapons to establish dominance, reduced to small ringlets in his obsessively combed hair. Futile displays of masculine energy are a hallmark of Barney’s work, so it comes as no surprise that several focal points have found their way to the forefront of interior design as quick additions that can instantly give your place more nuance.

    Payola of the Future


    ghettoblasterWhen you live in a world of iPods, satellite radio and premium cable you tend to forget that there is this whole world of FREE entertainment out there. Yes that’s right in this economy, in this day and age, something is free. I will admit that until recently I was one of those CD changer in the car, internet streaming tunes at work, MP3 player while I ran types of people. That is, until my car was totaled and I suddenly found myself driving a clunker and discovering that thing called local radio. Yes it still exists.

    So why am I touting the joys of free local radio? Because for the 235 million listeners per week, free radio could be severely stunted if not gone completely very soon. The economic downturn, coupled with the ever changing world of music downloads has left record companies scrambling to make a buck. Rather than revise their business models and come up with creative marketing schemes, they decided to cry to Washington, and someone actually listened. Enter the proposed performance tax.


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