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    Higher Learning, Everest Style

    Unless you are Amish or living in some oasis I don’t know about, you have by now been subject to Everest College’s wretched excuse for marketing. Racial profiling is nothing new in the ad world, but they take the pandering to an all time low with ads targeting the Black and Latino population. The geniuses over at Bullzeye Productions have said alright, we’ll see your Felicia Keys and raise you with this guy. Nothing ups your pimp game like an education, plus who really wants to sit around watching Maury Povich all day and strippin’ all night? That’s what I thought. Grab your food stamps and roll up on a Bachelors Degree in three months.

    The adage about there being some truth to every joke most certainly applies here. Everest has gained a reputation for luring unsuspecting students into their hack programs with commercials and presentations making it sound like they do everything but wipe your ass. Once they have you, they begin the process of raping your bank accounts and milking every dime they can get for you from the government. This is not unlike most four year universities. Students gain a fat lump of debt and a “degree” equal to about half an associates degree. That is, if they graduate.




    The Humor Mill

    Gamechangers Ep. 1: The Rant Writer

    If it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense…


    You know what’s bad ass? Window-tint. You know what’s even more badass? Dollar-bill-themed window tint that doesn’t tint your windows, but makes you the most interesting person on the road to anyone you pull up next to. This guy gets extra points for being the most awesome George Washington since this guy.

    What would a coke bottle from the future look like?


    What would a coke repackaging of the future look like? Industrial design student Andrew Kim imagines this version of the coke bottle. It’s square, stackable, more recyclable, maximizes space, and designed to reduce our carbon footprint.

    The only problem I foresee is everyone’s vehicle cupholders are round.

    But anyways, more picture after the jump.

    Are You Goo Goo For Gaga?

    Not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about Lady Gaga. Recently she passed out more than once on stage. Being jet lagged was the reason she gave on an Australian radio show and she stated “I’d rather die on stage than walk off because I was going to pass out”. Lady Gaga also has Donny Osmond up in arms this week denouncing her latest video with Beyonce for the song Telephone. He’s “upset as a parent” at the “profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity and graphic violence” in the video. Lady Gaga just made internet history and set a record. Three of her videos posted online, Poker Face, Bad Romance and Just Dance, have received a combined one billion views. She is extremely savvy when it comes to marketing and is a media sensation.

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