• The 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reactions are Varied, Yet the Same

    The reactions range from screaming, franticness, loud nervous laughter, pointing, fanning yourself, fake vomiting, camera shake, and ghetto-cholita-tranny-hair-flipping.

    And this was all in the name of a scientific experiment.


    Jonah Hex has too much awesome?

    Here’s the trailer for Jonah Hex.

    The formula seems to be Josh Brolin + John Malcovich + Lt. Cedric Daniels + Gob Bluthe + Megan Fox = a steampunk full of awesome.

    [via Best Week Ever]

    Undrcrwn Spring Lookbook Vol. 2

    Lookin’ good there, chap.

    The Humor Mill

    BEFORE AFTER w/ Zachary Quinto

    What the (bleep)? Threats trump Free Speech


    So once again South Park is creating controversy. Something creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are used to by now. Except this time they are the subject of death threats by extremist Muslims. Once again, the South Park guys were trying to show the image of Mohammed on television.

    A quick recap for those not in the know. South Park aired their 200th episode, aptly titled “200”. A celebration of sorts, it featured many characters from all of South Park’s history. They also brought back that old issue of trying show Mohammed on TV. The next episode of South Park was a continuation of the previous week’s episode. What was weird was that in this episode the word Mohammed was bleeped whenever spoken. The first thing that came to mind of South Park fans was that it had to be a meta-joke as a result of the threats. The ending of the episode had an almost 30 second long bleep section when Kyle and Stan were moralizing the episode. We soon learned that the audio bleeps were not jokes but something Comedy Central deciding to censor any mention of Mohammed. They have literally made Mohammed a dirty word.

    There is no reason to use violence or threats of violence if you disagree with someone’s viewpoints. Muslims will tell me that the reason they don’t have drawings of Mohammed is because it leads to idol worship. It would take away from the worship of Allah (that is my understanding of it, please feel to correct and/or elaborate). And that is fine. I understand it. But when extremists say that people should be put to death for doing that action is wrong. Wrong. Just plain wrong. It is just another example of people using religion to impose and strike fear.

    Louis Vuitton Model Heads Without Makeup


    I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of these heads are way too skinny.

    Lost Tarot Cards


    [Seen at Prostituted Thoughts]

    Fast backward in time

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