• “Yellow Submarine” for the new millenium

    Miracles- they’re everywhere. Easy to forget that in a world where Buzz Aldrin is passed over for a talentless shrew with eight kids, and everywhere you look and listen you have to find out some new detail about some nasty random tail some married jackass of dubious note laid into. Thankfully Insane Clown Posse is here to put everything into perspective and remind us that everything around us is a goddamn miracle. Like magnets, how does that shit work? Polarity? Fuck you, what’s that? “Well” nothin’ fool. Well maybe you should stop trying to explain shit when you can just stand back and appreciate it. Don’t ruin the miracle you dick.

    I was about the only non-juggalo around when I was coming up, but now I see what all of the fuss is about. Violent Jay and Shaggy 2-dope really break things down all Kalil Gibran-style. I mean, think about it- air: you can’t even see that shit and it keeps you alive…..fuck’in miracle. I don’t know what cell-phone eating pelicans have to do with anything, but maybe if I stopped thinking about it I could appreciate it. Here I’ve spent all these years rolling my eyes at the tatted-up white trash that eat this stuff up like it’s “Twilight,” and they’re females aged 12-72, when I could have had my mind opened to the bigger picture. Really makes you think.

    To be honest, I’m slightly fascinated by these guys. Do you have any idea how much money they rake in? The number of shitty straight to video movies they made and sold the hell out of before that was even a viable market? Don’t shake your head and dismiss these characters. They seem to have tapped into something. They’ve certainly opened my eyes. I know that the next time I’m out on a walk and there’s a clear blue sky with the sun’s rays shining down and nourishing the plants that are in full bloom as bee’s buzz about and birds sing I won’t be able to help but think “there’s miracles all around this bitch.”

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    Comments ( 2 )

    I’m completely terrified of any and all clowns, but I must admit, I liked this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going out to buy an ICP black light poster any time soon.

    kateNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Apr 11 10 at 3:14 pm
    I guess all that matter is the fact that they have something very difficult to find nowadays. That’s called originality and an impressive touch of creativity. I really enjoy your daily post and I have to say that your are slowly becoming one of my best sources of quality fun moments.

    HelenaNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Apr 15 15 at 3:29 am

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