• Sex and the City 2: Still Sexy?

    Today I took an unofficial poll about the new Sex and the City movie and the result was split 50/50. Half of those polled wanted to see the movie while the other half did not. Recently a friend uploaded a billboard image on Facebook expressing his excitement and anticipation about the upcoming release. Others expressed their disdain for the latest installment from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda through their status updates. I have watched Sex and The City since the first episode aired on HBO. The material was raw and the fashion spoke for itself before the days of having every outfit drilled down by designer names. I have no problem rewatching the first three seasons I own on DVD but when the first movie was released, I was not on the bandwagon. While many women gussied up for the premiere and sipped Cosmopolitans, I preferred viewing the film in the comfort of my home thanks to Netflix. The same applies to the sequel. While the plotline may be lacking (Aidan again… really??) and the dialogue ripe with one liner zingers, I admit to wanting to see the wardrobe while under the influence of a healthy serving of champagne.



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    The Future of Books

    The Future of Books

    Designed by Kyle Bean

    Ask any latte guzzling, fountain pen using, book store denizen what their thoughts are on the burgeoning e-reader phenomena, and you will likely get a host of polarized answers. Thanks to the public infatuation with all things technological, the publishing world and thus, the authors and readers who make it go round, are experiencing the tremors of change. From ebooks, to vooks to the resurrection of the broadside, reactions to this shift in how we devour the written word are spawning a whole new wave of literary amalgamations.

    The proliferation of ereaders, and smart phones, combined with the public appetite for social media, has spawned a shift towards a multilayered approach to creativity. The website myebook.com, offers a free digital publishing platform that marries the ebook with social networking. Not too far from this concept, a California company is pioneering the Vook; a blending of digital text with links to video, images and social media that can be downloaded to mobile devices. With all the bells and whistles, I’m left wondering, do readers really need all the distractions? Is this the dawn of a new creative form, or simply a technological barrage of distracting stimuli?


    Quotation Rotation | Hit Girl in Kick-Ass


    “Okay you cunts, let’s see what you can do now.”



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    UNDRCRWN is coming Straight Outta Compton


    with their new T-shirts.

    Available at UNDRCRWN.

    ComptonsFinestTee_GH TripleDoubleCrew_blk-sil TripleDouble_wht-sil

    So Amazing

    $100 Note Unveiling Video

    8XN1yThe Benjamin is getting a facelift. I remember when the only the watermark was the biggest deal about this bill. Damn you, aging process. But he’s still not cooler than this guy.

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