• What’s Better Than Iron Man?

    IRON BABY!!!

    My God, Man, Eat Something


    This is 50 Cent looking sickly. Apparently he was slimming down for a new movie, but WTF. This man is going to kill himself looking like that. Maybe one of his nymphos can roast him a pot roast when all this is over.

    Alternate Lost Endings

    Hated that fucking Lost finale? Here are three other endings you can choose from.

    Janelle Monáe Rocks It

    Ok, I am ashamed to only of have heard of Janelle Monáe now. After this performance of the Letterman show I am definitely going to check her stuff out some more.

    Thread: LOST is over, but we can still talk about it.


    If you loved it or hated it, let us know in the comments. I, for one, am gonna miss it despite all of its imperfections. I guess that makes me like Jacob.

    The Lost Countdown – What They Died For


    Lets sit around a campfire and let me tell you what it is all about. That is what the second to last episode of Lost had come to. But when you get to the end of a show that has constantly sprawled out its mythology, making a “lets sit down and explain everything” scene is almost a necessity. Lost is a show that didn’t want to let you know the shape of the artifact that you are excavating. Each brush strokes reveals a completely new detail to the object that somehow fits into it but still leaves you befuddled as to what the object actually is.

    So what did we learn this week? Jack has decided to step into Jacob’s shoes as the new protector of the Island. No surprise? Yes me neither. We have known since that amazing pilot episode that Jack is going to the top dog of the show. Jack has always known to take control of a situation.

    No I didn’t Run Off to Africa Like Dave Chappelle

    I’m pretty sure everyone remembers where they were when they saw this:

    And so Mar. 18th 2010 shall live on in the same way. I had come to a crossroads.  I felt like I had accomplished a lot in my short time at the Steel Closet. I thought I had learned as much about the blogging game as I could from Mr. Ruffin. I made it into a big newspaper (apparently they have newspapers in Canada?).  I see what Mike was talking about.  I had nothing left to prove. Canada loved me and I had many adoring blogging groupies emailing me to get my Gchat name (the truth? it’s a bitch to blog hungover in foreign countries).

    So I blew out. I’ve been on a two month whirlwind that would make your head spin.  Buenos Aires, Vegas, Panama, and Miami mixed in with benders in Springtime NYC. I must say, I learned and saw alot. I learned that if you book a plane ticket to a ‘drug-senstive’ country a few hours before take-off with no luggage, wearing only a suit and bowtie that you just might have a problem getting back into the country. I also learned that Buenos Aires is hte best city in the world, or at least until Brazil tries to change my mind when I arrive in a week.

    Fast backward in time

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