• Crimes Against Humanity: The Condom of Teeth


    The featured product of the week goes to this thing: the dick-biting condom that is supposed to be a deterrent to rape. It’s called the Rape Axe and I don’t know what to say besides the fact that I can’t stop crossing my legs right now. I guess I’ll tell you what it does. If you decide to go into the rape business or if you have a really messed up girlfriend, then you want to stay away from the Rape Axe. It’s got little teeth that clamps on to your peter. You can’t pee or walk after this happens and you need a doctor to remove it. It’s also very painful.

    So gentlemen, please treat your woman OR your one night stand with respect if you don’t want a visit by the Rape Axe.


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    Comments ( 2 )

    lol…you beat me posting about this. damnit.

    s.willzNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Jun 23 10 at 6:25 pm
    looks like a diaphragm
    sounds painful
    i mean really, wtf
    what if all you did, was piss off your girlfriend?
    and what if you just removed it before you raped the chick?
    seems kinda pointless
    ‘less there’s a lock or something, to keep it in
    but how could there be?

    riggedNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Jul 09 10 at 10:42 am

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