• The Boy Your Man Could Smell Look Like

    Hitler’s Mustache Sporting Michael Jordan’s Face!


    Hey Mike, you got a little bit of dirt on your face. It’s not a lot. It’s only a smidge. Your soul patch missed its mark by two inches above its intended target. Weren’t you in Gillette commercials? I figured a legend like you would be sponsored by Gillette. They would totally pay you beaucoup bucks for using their razor to erase that symbol of hate on your upper lip. Okay okay, that’s going too far. It’s not Hitler’s Mustache’s fault that everyone hates him. But seriously, think about shaving the whole face next time.

    I’m done.

    [Seen at BWE]

    Finish Him! By Him, I mean this Mortal Kombat movie!

    The internet is abuzz with this concept trailer for a Mortal Kombat remake. I remember the Mortal Kombat movie from my childhood. It wasn’t bloody enough and Jax was weaksauce. But now they’ve enlisted Black Dynamite! If Michael Jai White isn’t enough to sell a movie nowadays, then the studio execs should just finish themselves. MORTAL KOMBAT!

    Taking a Joke Too Far


    These guys did it.

    [Seen at Prostituted Thoughts]

    So…I made it to the front page of a newspaper

    I haven’t been hyping up the Laker finals like I should, but in honor of the Lakers making the finals, I present to you a picture of yours truly at the Laker parade. And it’s on the front page of The Daily News.


    My Best Memory of Gary Coleman

    You’ve probably all heard that Gary Coleman has passed away. It’s considered old news right now, which is also kind of sad. But in any case, I decided to share my favorite memory of Gary Coleman. Different Strokes was before my time, so most of what I knew from his was from guest appearances and commercials. The video is from the first episode of The Wayans Brothers, a show that got cancelled way too early. Goop-hhchhhh-hair it is.

    Also, R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

    Fast backward in time

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