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    Shaun over at Prostituted Thoughts has a good post of what made the kids of yester-year. I’m reposting it here for nostalgia’s sake.

    “When I try and objectively compare kids nowadays and kids form my era a bit later and a lot before, I see that in comparison kids from today may be cute, but they’re wanting. They have less drive, aren’t as creative and although they’re smarter, they’re not so adept at having fun as children from past generations.

    Baseline, if you look at what makes a kid a kid, then you can put up a list like this one:


    1. Toys that went with you everywhere
    2. A body made of 23% sugar
    3. Playing outside
    4. Imagining a jungle gym was a spaceship
    5. A moldy granny you were forced to kiss on the cheek even if she smelled like cabbage and moth balls
    6. A relative that gave you awesome toys every Christmas that would annoy your parents to no end
    7. Velcro sneakers
    8. An inability to color coordinate your clothing, what we insisted was our style
    9. A squeaky voice we swore was a lot deeper than what we heard on video
    10. Saturday Morning Cartoons”

    Does this make you feel unaccomplished?


    Have you ever rung the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange?


    It’s been two weeks and Inception is still on everyone’s minds.  But this is just hilarious.

    Teabagging for Everyone


    I desperately want to tell my friends about this invention if we’re ever at a Chinese restaurant.

    [Seen at Prostituted Thoughts]

    We Now Have a Best Movie of The Year


    Go watch Inception, quickly!

    If you missed this, I feel sorry for you…

    Fast backward in time

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