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    Power to the People


    I’m not one for total anarchy, but with the recent events that unfolded affecting Poland’s governmental infrastructure perhaps a lesson could be learned globally that democratic tyranny will always fail. With a past as convoluted as an other Nazi/Communist riddled nation Polska, as it is natively referred to, was until just recently given the cold shoulder by many other developing countries and the world as whole. Now feeling the grace of the fickle media circus, the death of almost half of Poland’s upper management will be documented similarly to the death of Franz Ferdinand and Juvenal Habyarimana. Not entirely familiar with the everyday lives of the Polish people and never having to deal with such lose myself, I can’t begin to understand the feeling of uncertainty and devastation from a people who birthed the likes of Chopin, Maria Slodowska-Curie and a sea of Nobal Prize winners. But with just a few shy years out of communist rule, perhaps democracy wasn’t the ideal structure. As a member of the EU, this state should have the resources and clout to demand for a wiser and more elastic state. The polish people are resilient, at best.




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