• Go for the Gold!

    WORDS BY Superstylin*

    To get into the Winter Olympics mood, I had some friends over for an Olympic-themed movie night.  The selection was Ice Castles.  The year was 1978.  Think lots of thick polyester skating costumes, feathered hair and a plethora of bowl cuts on the women (aka the Dorothy Hamill hairdo).  The movie follows the ups-and-downs of Olympic ice skating hopeful Alexis Winston and co-stars (then) teenage heartthrob Robbie Benson.

    When it was announced this year’s Olympics were going to be in Vancouver, I had my heart set on going.  Too bad tickets can cost a cool grand for some of the ice skating events I was interested in.  I made sure to watch all the Grand Prix events leading up to the Olympics this year so I would be up-to-speed with the competitors.  As much as I am interested in the women figure skaters, the men are providing the drama this year and bringing the heat.  Many eyes will be on Johnny Weir who is currently starring in his own reality show on the Sundance Channel entitled Be Good Johnny Weir.  His bold personality and unique style on the ice makes him one to watch.

    I look forward to sipping a hot toddy while secluded in the snow in a houseful of friends watching the opening ceremony.  Will it be as memorable as the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics?  The 2008 opening ceremony in Beijing is going to be a tough act to follow.  Go for the gold folks.  Vancouver 2010!

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