• Community is Streets Ahead


    Last year, three shows came out competing for best comedy newcomer award: Glee, Modern Family, and Community. In the beginning, Glee pulled away at the top of the class with its musical numbers, its distinct take on high school popularity contests, and some very balanced emotional weight. *Spoilers* The Sectionals episode, where Rachel has to save the day last minute and Finn finds out that his baby is not his baby was, in its own way, television epicness. Modern Family was like a refreshing remake of Full House bringing common familial decency back to television screens. And then there was Community, a show about a ragtag Spanish class study group.

    Dr. Doogie Seacrest

    Just doing my part keeping the good television on the air. This clip from Community has become a sort of inside joke.

    Rap En Espanol

    I haven’t seen “Community” yet but this clip makes me curious.

    Fast backward in time

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