• Conan, a Class Act.


    I sat down on the upper levels of the Gibson Amphitheater. I had an expensive margarita in my hand because I felt the occasion called for one. I was wearing my Conan O Brien T-shirt two of my most foxiest and coolest friends gave me as a birthday present many years ago. You could feel the collective energy roam the theater. Any moment now, one of our generations most beloved icons will appear on stage before us.

    What unfolded before us was Conan’s version of a classic variety show. Singing, dancing, great comedy bits, special surprise guests and of course Chuck Norris clips. Conan was so on top of his game you realize that NBC did screw the pooch by sacking his show. This guy has got wit and charm overflowing from his 9 foot tall lanky body, with plenty left to boot.

    So here I was waiting for Conan’s 60 minute interview. Was he going to be unleashed? Tear Zucker and Leno a couple of new assholes? Well….not really. He maintained civility and kept true to his word about hating cynicism. Did he have his disagreements? Yes he did. Did he criticize Leno? Yup. But overall, I loved his attitude about having no regrets about his choices that he has made. He was cool, smart, and was open to the opposing viewpoints that were presented to him.

    And here we arrive…Conan moving to TBS


    After all the hoopla, the internet support, the tweets, the live-show which has yet to commence, Conan makes his next and hopefully longer-lived career move. Conan will be hosting a show on TBS, bumping George Lopez to midnight. Yeah, I know; it’s ironic that Conan “Leno’d” George Lopez, except that Conan is more talented, more popular right now, and would do more for George Lopez’s career than Leno would have done for Conan. But it seems like everyone is asking the question, “WTF?! Why TBS?” After everyone was expecting a move to Fox so Conan could go head-to-head-to-head with Letterman and Leno, this TBS deal is from left field.



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