• The Standard Hotel

    I was in Los Angeles for the weekend and my friends and I decided to check out the nightlife.  I realized that I know NOTHING about Los Angeles nightlife, unlike SF nightlife which I know like the back of my hand.  While I was initially tiffed that we had to pay $20 each to get in, the night was far from a total bust.  I’m a simple dude and I find paying $20 to experience an artificial nightlife setting is complicated.  Some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to have been for free and I have found that places with cover fall very short of its own hype.  But entering the hotel, crossing the swanky lobby, and riding the escalator up to the elevator that takes you to the The Standard’s rooftop with a skyline view of downtown Los Angeles, I can understand why people would pay to get in.  The rooftop features a deep, blue lit-up pool, copious amounts of lounging couches, waterbeds (yes waterbeds), and on the particular night we went, a wide assortment of BBWs (pun not intended.)

    You might remember The Standard Hotel’s appearance in shows like Entourage where they ostentatiously meet a client, or in one of the opening scenes of Ocean’s 12, or in a commercial trying to convince you that you deserve a better, more luxurious life compared to the likes of common folk.

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    Mad Men is Sex and The City for Men?

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    I was held aback when I read that here and here. I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen the show but I kinda gave that crown to Entourage. Considering all its buzz and advertisements, I’ll give the show its due for capturing 60s style, especially for men, so perfectly. It doesn’t necessarily depict what today’s best-dressed would wear. But in terms of capturing a male clique dynamic, from the language to the nonsensical topics to the testosteroney ambitions of each character, Entourage has it in the bag. It’s not a perfect show but it is accurately reflective of most male groups I have come across and found myself in. Entourage achieves for men what Sex and the City achieves for women: depicting characters that say out loud what women/men in today’s world are thinking.

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    Fast backward in time

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