• Fonzworth Bentley for GIANT Magazine

    Found these pictures of Mr. Bentley’s one-month old spread for GIANT Magazine. Apparently this flew under the radar because I definitely would have remembered this going around. That’s what happens without proper PR (Note: someone please send us these things). Anyways, what you guys think?

    [First seen on Upscale Swagger]

    Click for more pictures and a behind-the-scenes video…


    Celebrities at New York Fashion Week Pt. 3

    Kanye West Fonzworth Bentley Taz Arnold

    Kanye West, Fonzworth Bentley, Taz Arnold, and crew

    Heidi Klum

    Heidi Klum but don’t know the man in the sweater.  Does anyone know the man in the SICK sweater?

    50 Rules to Being a Gentleman

    50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen

    50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen

    King-Mag has just post up their feature entitled, “50 Rules to Being a Gentlemen.” The magazine, mostly known for their bikini-clad cover models, finally gets hip to the Gentlemen Movement. I’m glad too because it’s been a long time coming since Fonzworth Bentley got mocked for holding Puffy’s umbrella. Bentley, Andre Benjamin, and everyone else who held self-improvement to a high regard, are all responsible for ushering in this wave of chivalry. Is it a shame that King-Mag, a magazine that saw it fit to feature Karrine Steffans a.k.a. Superhead in its past pages, has decided to give gentlemen some shine only AFTER Neyo decided it was the Year of the Gentlemen? No, not entirely. It always helps to review the rules of gentlemenship, even if it’s from a semi-misogynistic publication. Don’t judge a magazine by its cover. This cover just happens to highly resemble Playboy.

    Anyways, here are my favorite 10 of the 50 rules to being a gentlemen…

    49. “If you buy one pair of shoes and one suit per year, you’ll have a nice collection soon enough. It’s an investment. Also, know your measurements and sizes, because you might find a woman who wants to hook you up and get a suit made.”—Chris Mathis, 36, barber

    42. “The world is bigger than your hood and the places your favorite rappers represent. Try to travel to a place where your cell phone won’t work. That’s when you know you’ve actually gone somewhere. If you can’t afford to put your passport on pivot, try reading a book or travel guide about the place you’d like to visit.”—A. Samuel

    The Staggered Tie

    As you know, Fonzworth Bentley is a fashion icon with tremendous style. He also happens to have a new television show, through which he can showcase his talent. Let’s take a look at his first episode suit. Besides being slim-cut and stylishly mismatched, he utilizes a subtle technique that rounds out and adds a touch of class to any look: the staggered tie.

    The staggered tie concept is simple. Using a tie clip properly placed at mid-chest, puff out the portion between the clip and your neck. The extra puff adds volume to your critical-v and brings your flat, boring office shirt-and-tie to a new dimension.

    fonzworth bentley

    Of course, there will be many imitators. But you will know how to properly rock the staggered tie. You will make the puff appear subtle, as if you weren’t trying to make people notice. You will expand your tie bar collection, to ensure you will have something that matches your tie and your puff. You will observe proper tie wearing rules, i.e., the bottom tip touches the top of your belt buckle. You will only use this on fatter ties with body that create a graceful curve, not skinny ties that create an awkward protrusion. And lastly, you will thank Fonzworth Bentley for giving you a new way to wear your tie.

    Unless, of course, you thought of it first. Then it’s up to you to find another way to rock it.

    Fonzworth Bentley Teaches Manners in “From G’s to Gents”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    [Photo by UptownFlavor]

    I grew up in the age of sitcoms. After we were done learning at school, we’d go home and learn in front of the television screen. The subjects were taught in the classroom, but the life-lessons (for the 6-10 year olds) were taught through the boobtube. There was nothing more convenient than having a conflict arise and resolved in a 30-minute time slot. I’m talking about Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, Full House, even the Power Rangers, right here. Was the formula the same for years and years? Yes. Did we grow out of it? Yeah eventually. Did it raise a generation of children with a definitive sense of right and wrong? Most definitely. I miss that type of television, the type of television that acknowledged that it had a responsibility to its viewers. It knew that kids were watching and it took ownership of the fact that it was partly raising the children for 1 or 2 hours a day.

    That type of television is long gone. We have now skipped the morality lessons and went straight to depicting the “reality” of the world. And the “reality” is, people on television like to act like they were raised with no sense. Imagine my surprise when I flipped the channel to MTV to see “From G’s To Gents.” But what’s this? It’s hosted by Fonzworth Bentley!  

    Fast backward in time

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