• GQ’s Got a Comedy Issue!

    GQ August_Tracy (Med Res)

    The good folks over at GQ just sent us over their latest cover for their August Comedy Issue.  I repeat braggingly: the people over at GQ just sent us a cover of their issue that has yet to hit shelves.  We didn’t swipe it like it we usually do.  All we did was wave around our hands and arms for 2 years until they finally noticed.  And noticed they did. Hopefully they’ll give us a feature on their magazine like they did with Tommy Ton or ACL. Here’s to wishful thinking.

    The issue features Tracy Morgan, Zach Galifianakis, and Paul Rudd on three covers, and highlights a couple of men and women in the funny business.

    Click on the jump to read more about it…

    Leighton Meester: GQ Obsession of the Year


    [Photo: Mark Abrahams]

    Though Johnny Depp wasn’t really news. This might be even better. Our old girlfriend, Leighton Meester, is GQ’s obssession of the year, coming correct with a photoshoot by Mark Abrahams. There’s also an interview but we already know that she has a sex tape out in the wild, so reading it is optional.

    [Seen at Warming Glow]


    Amanda Seyfried for GQ


    Photos by Michel Comte

    GQ has pictures of our girlfriend, Amanda Seyfried, up. And they asked her what it was like to smooch with Megan Fox, our trashier girlfriend. We’re ok with all of this. My girl got a girlfriend (C) Young Dro

    Check the interview here.

    Wale in GQ

    Interesting that GQ will put the underground rapper in their magazine blog. Talk about crossover. I guess it’s no longer adequate to have success in the underground. Artists these days need to be as pervasive as possible just to keep up with everyone else. The demographic is everyone.

    Check out: Wale in GQ

    “A Winter Preview” Saks Fifth Avenue x GQ party

    Why is Leo squinting?

    Yesterday I graciously attended (ha!) the Saks Fifth Avenue x GQ event. The party was a winter preview that specifically showcased GQ’s most fashionable picks of the season. I ended up coming in a little bit late. Damn you bridge toll traffic! I also ended up in the wrong store as I entered the women’s Saks Fifth Avenue, not knowing that they have two separate stores. And to think, if only I came a little bit earlier, I could’ve seriously filled up on some WD’s (whore durves, not weapons of destruction). The night was fun and I do enjoy the occasional open bar.

    Saks Fifth Avenue GQ

    Pete (Publisher for GQ), Me, and Chad Hurley (co-founder of Youtube)


    GQ Men of the Year: Barack, Leonardo, Jon, and Mikey

    Barack Obama, Leonardo di Caprio, Michael Phelps, Jon Hamm

    In GQ’s latest issue, they have just announced their men of the year: Barack Obama, Leonardo di Caprio, Michael Phelps, and Jon Hamm. These are the men who made the biggest buzz this year in the news and media. Sometimes, I find my mind clouded with thoughts of 2008 being so shitty because for the first time, the economy has had a direct effect on my lifestyle. It’s a complete reverse 180 compared to my not-so-distant student days when my life was more or less worry-free. But honestly, 2008 has been filled with history-changing news and I’m glad that I was part of it and there to see it.

    I know Michael Phelps was one of the biggest headline toppers this year, but damn. You can seriously just tell…”One of these things is not like the other.” And that thing is Butterface.

    Check out the issue of GQ here.

    Dexter: He’s Got A Way With Murder

    After devouring seasons 1 and 2 of Dexter, I eagerly anticipated the third. A quick check on the Dexter website resulted in this Shepard Fairey poster. Dexter’s marketing campaign attempts to go for the relevance route with their advertisements and it succeeds tremendously. Of course, Showtime is never one to hesitate in the creativity of their marketing. The poster above has got to be the cream of the crop by featuring the artist who made the biggest buzz during this election season. The other advertisements do not fall short at all. In an age where print media is in a decline, the Dexter adaptations reveal how their long-lasting presence on newsstands still have a presence and a certain power over its readers. And you have to appreciate the logic inherent in the ads. By creating adaptations of publications that are at the forefront of fashion, news, and technology, the viewer is at the forefront of all these things by watching this show, even though the show has nothing to do with fashion, news, or technology.

    I found this piece on who’s responsible for all these ads…


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